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how to avoid Christmas depression

5 Super Fun Ways to Get Through the Holidays Alone

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Ah, it’s holiday time. Yippee yahoo. For many, it’s fun and family and feasts. And then there’s the rest of us who have to go through the holidays alone. Some don’t mind it, some find it very difficult.

My first Christmas alone, I had just moved to Guatemala and really had no friends. I definitely had no family here. Yup, I was alone, really. But I managed to get through the holidays alone. I did. I managed to ward off Christmas depression.

I get  there are some who just lost loved ones. My heart goes out to all of you during this time. I can’t even pretend to know the grief you must go through. No matter what the situation or the reasons, there are still some of us who have to go through the holiday season alone.

Some make it good, others struggle.

This year I am without family again, but 4 years in Guatemala and I now have some fantastic friends who I can call family. I’m blessed. I’m still alone Christmas morning, which has always been the most exciting day for me ever as a mom.

So how do I manage to get through this without Christmas depression setting in? Here are my 5 tips. Hope they help you…


5 fun ways to get through the holidays alone


Fighting off Christmas depression


These are just a few of the things that you can do but maybe you can think of others that resonate with you more? Whatever the case may be, please don’t spend another holiday sad or depressed.




My favourite thing in the whole wide world to do!!! There are so many organizations and/or shelters that always need an extra pair of helping hands. Call one up and go help. You will not find more love and happy cheery faces than in a place like a shelter where they are all so happy to see volunteers.

Trust me, you will feel loved! If you’re not so much into being with people, I’m sure the animal shelter regular staff/volunteers wouldn’t mind a break during the holidays.

You can even just walk up and down your main downtown area and find homeless people there who might want some company. Go grab a couple of coffees or hot chocolates and sit with one.

See? You don’t have to get through the holidays alone!


Me day!!


Now this may sound sort of backwards. I mean, we don’t want to be alone right? But hear me out on this one. Being alone and actually having a “me day” are two different things. Take the day to honour yourself.

Buy yourself a present, fill your stocking if you want. Stay in your pj’s all day. Watch Netflix all damn day. I mean, if you’re gonna be alone at least have some fun!

Put on your favourite Christmas songs and sing at the top of your lungs. Don’t like Christmas songs? Fine then! Sing whatever you want but just have some fun!!


It’s just another day


Ok, it’s not, I get that. It’s a pretty darn special day actually. But we’re alone and everyone around us is celebrating and we’re not. It sucks, I so get that.

My first Christmas alone, instead of moping around and feeling sorry for myself, I carried on my day like it was any other day. I slept in, had breakfast, worked, played music, went for a walk into town.

Yup, to me, and in my mind, it was just another day. It lessened the risk of Christmas depression for me. Really it did.


Road trip anyone?


If you can and are able, get in the car and get outta town. Go on a road trip, go to another little town in your area, perhaps one you haven’t been to in a long time. Stop in a restaurant and have dinner and I bet you might make some new friends there!

Or go to a quiet serene area, have a picnic and cry your eyes if you have to. Just leave town. You don’t have to leave the country. Even a short road trip is very therapeutic.


Nursing homes can be fun!


Do you know that there are many seniors in nursing homes who sit alone and actually have family but no one visits them? They only see staff day in and day out and they see their neighbours have visitors all the time.

Go check in with your local nursing home and see who hasn’t had any visitors in forever. You may even get to hear some really super cool stories from the early 30’s. Oh!!


Trying to ward off Christmas depression is not impossible!


Now I get that this can be an especially sad day for some people but it doesn’t have to be. Instead of feeling dread and anxiety over the upcoming holiday you can switch your mentality from “ugh another sad Christmas day” to “ok I’m going to make the best of this day!”.

You have to remember that we are in control of our thoughts and our thoughts create our day and our life. If you want to be sad and feel negative all day your thoughts will determine that.

But you don’t have to and why on earth would you want to anyone? Embrace another day above ground. Enjoy the fact that you are alive and way more blessed than others.

You can fight off Christmas depression if you want to. But it’s up to you to do that.


Look around you to see where you can help others


Honestly, there are so many other lonely people in the world who wish they had company, just like you. Many cities also have dinners for people who are single, alone or without family at local churches and halls and such. Go check one out.

The possibilities are endless! Imagine the friendships that can be formed.

Not only that, you may want to start volunteering or helping others on a more regular basis. It could actually lead you to your life’s purpose! Who knows? Open your mind, open your heart, allow in opportunities.

“Do you hear what I heeeeeeeeeeeear?”

Cheers to us!!

Peace and Love



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4 Responses

  1. Sometimes it might be stressful when alone especially during holidays, but you have given some great ideas about volunteering and getting some ‘Me’ time. Road trip sounds fun

    1. Hey Trupti thanx for your input and glad you enjoyed the blog. There is always a way to not be alone on Christmas and have fun too!! Merry Christmas to you and yours xo

      much love
      xo iva xo

  2. The saddest part is having family far away and others not caring about being with you. I have a wonderful husband and 2 adorable dogs who LOVE ME so we spend our holidays together:)
    But it still hurts… i have so much love to give so i give to friends and strangers..
    I pray for Gods peace in my heart:)
    Happy holidays and Merry Christ-mas to all❤💚

    1. Living in Mexico really far away from my family I totally get this. Give and receive love from the people around you who care and want it. Merry Christmas to you and yours xoxo

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