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How To Discover Your Purpose in Life in 5 Simple Steps

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How many times have you asked yourself “what the hell am I here for”? Are you concerned that you haven’t discovered your purpose in life yet? Don’t worry. I didn’t find mine until I hit 52 years old. I’m gonna share with you here how to discover your purpose so you don’t feel so lost and dazed anymore.

Before we start talking about that I want to ask you a few questions. I don’t necessarily want you to answer them but more so, think about each question. Take some time and give them some deep thought.

  • Are you happy in life right now?
  • Are you doing what you really want to be doing?
  • Do you feel fulfilled with what you are doing? and
  • Do you sometimes think there should be more to this life?

These are solid questions that demand your attention. We too often forget that this is the only life we have. On that alone, you should be living a purpose filled life, amirite? These questions will help you on how to find your purpose in life. Trust me on that.

How to discover your purpose in life

Take a sec to check out the book below. I bought and read this years ago and I loved it. I thought I would share it with you. Now it is written by a Pastor so if that’s not your thing, then just skip over it but def still check it out.

The Purpose Driven Life

And I know I write about this an awful lot but I really feel articles like these ones are so important. Quite a few years ago I stumbled upon an amazing  book The Purpose Driven Life written by Pastor Rick Warren. Click the image below to check it out. You don’t even have to be religious to read it or appreciate it. It truly is life changing. (this is an affiliate link-affiliate disclosure)

The difference between your purpose and your goals

We set goals in life, we have dreams, ideas and plans. There are things we want to accomplish, places to go, things to see and do but does any of this have anything to do with your purpose in life?

Most likely not.

Your purpose in life and your goals in life are two different things. Kinda. Your purpose is what you are here for. Your goals are things you aspire to achieve and succeed in.

My purpose in life

I had no clue what I was doing with my life up until about 5 years ago. Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. To be honest, I wasn’t even looking for my purpose of life. I was just trying to survive. Stay afloat and not crash into rock bottom again.

I had just left my abusive relationship and spent too much wallowing in self pity. And then my purpose smacked me upside the head. Ok well it didn’t go down quite like that but close. When I finally decided to leave my pity party and step out of my comfort zone, my purpose in life presented itself to me.

Funny how things work sometimes, huh?

What is the purpose of life?

I think we think so deeply about this, or maybe not enough about this, that we simply brush it under the rug because it’s beyond anything we can comprehend. The fact of the matter is, the purpose of life is to live in joy, with love and to somehow someway serve yourself and others.

Or something like that.

I can’t stress enough that we only have one life. It’s up to you how you want to live it. Do you want to be miserable and just exist until you die or do you want to live a ridiculously joy filled life?


Everything you do in life is up to you. Where you are right now is because of everything you have done up to this point that led you there. I know, it’s a tough pill to swallow but it’s true!!

Your current existence is because of you.

So let me ask you again, are you happy? I mean really truly happy? Think about that for a minute or two or 10.

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Let’s get down to business here. I’m gonna break this down for you in 5 simple steps.

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How to discover your purpose in life in 5 simple steps

1 Make a list

The first thing you need to do is make a list of all the things you love to do. Whether it be gardening or baking or playing with puppies at a shelter. I don’t care what it is or how silly you think it is. If it brings you joy, put it on your list. Start with the top 5.

You might have to take a moment and sit and think about these things. Some of these things you probably haven’t done in a very long time for whatever reason.

2 Step out of your comfort zone

You will need to do this. Let me tell you how my purpose in life found me. When I was feeling sorry for myself I decided to go feed people at the homeless shelter. Something I’ve always wanted to do but really out of my comfort zone. I’m kinda shy to be honest.

But I’m glad I did this. My whole world blew wide open when I started volunteering there.

And trust me, stepping out of your comfort zone is scary af but soooooooo worth it!! Please do it.

3 Trust your gut instinct

Listen to your heart and trust your gut instinct more. If you are doing something that doesn’t feel right, stop doing it. But on the other hand, if you are doing something that brings you tremendous joy, well you need to do more of that.

Is there something that’s been poking your gut trying to get you to do it? That could be part of your purpose in life. Stop ignoring it and start acting on it. You never know where it will take you and what kind of surprises it holds for you. Follow your heart, trust your gut.

4 Trip down memory lane

I want you to take a minute or two and think back to a time where you did something or went somewhere and your heart was filled with immense joy and pleasure and love!! Was it a place, an event, being with a certain group of people?

Go back to that time and think of all the details of it and try to remember how much joy you felt and what made you feel that way. I’m not saying you can re-enact it but maybe there is one or two things in that moment that you can certainly do or have again and maybe on a grander scale? Who knows?

5 Have a look at your goals in life

What are your goals in life? Is it just to make a shit ton of money and travel the world or is it more about serving others and living your best life? Goals achieved = success. But having lots of money doesn’t necessarily mean success either. The richest people aren’t the happiest people. They just have an easier time dealing with car and house repairs.

Do your goals line up with the things that bring you great joy? Think about that for a minute. Just because one of your goals is to have a nice house in a great neighbourhood that doesn’t mean it aligns with your purpose in life. Your goals should excite you and make you just as happy as some of the things listed in #1 here.

If you really want to know how to find your purpose in life, first look at your goals.

Besides, what’s the point of achieving all your goals and being successful if that isn’t what’s going to truly make your heart sing. Your purpose in life will do that, not just reaching your goals.

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How to discover your purpose in life-don’t go crazy

Don’t go crazy desperately trying to figure out how to discover your purpose in life. When we do things from the heart and with joy, they will naturally find us. When we force things, we are actually pushing them away. Chasing things that aren’t for our higher good. Keep this in mind.

Always remember, we are here for joy. Not to struggle or be in misery. For pure joy. Now I also get that life does come with bumps and bruises. I’m not completely naive but that’s just life. Do your best to make the absolute most of it.

How to discover your purpose in life doesn’t have to be rocket science or frustrating either. It will come when you open your heart, listen to your gut and do what truly brings you joy.

Peace and love

xo iva xo

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  1. Great article and thanks for sharing your story. Your path and tips were extremely relatable. My purpose hit me out of nowhere too. After a long depression and I had finally hit rock bottom and decided my life needed to change. And like you, I started doing things that were outside of my comfort zone and I confronted my past. That pain somehow turned into a life purpose to help others who have gone through what I’d been through … overcome their struggles, find their purpose, and add more meaning to their lives.

    1. Thanx for sharing your story and great site too!!

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