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How Much Common Sense Do You Have?

Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

I’ll admit. These quizzes always frighten me, the common sense ones, or the logic ones, because I am pretty clueless when it comes to lots of things (though I’m pretty smart when it comes to girlie and “love” things). How much common sense do you have? The results for me surprised me and I really thought maybe they were just being nice to me. I dunno.

The Common Sense Test

There are a couple of questions I literally had to guess at but after all that I still ranked in the top 90%. I still think they are pulling my leg. How many times have you found yourself scratching your head at some of the things people do? “Don’t they have any common sense”?. Sadly, the answer is no.

Many of us don’t really have much common sense but it’s no fault of our own really. In my opinion anyway, we simply just don’t know any better. It’s not that we’re stupid, we just don’t know.

Your turn now. Have a go at it and see how you ranked. Answer honestly and have fun. Drop your answers below. If you loved this quiz, why not check out this one too!!

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