To Manifest the Life of Your Dreams is Easier Than You Think.

Ah we’ve heard it all before a million times. If you want to manifest the life of your dreams, it starts with you. And a million other things you need to be doing. We set intentions, we pray with all our might, we feel it, believe it and want it yet it still doesn’t come.

So what went wrong? What step did I miss? I did everything the gurus told me to do but still nothing happened. You probably didn’t do anything wrong but what all those gurus forget to tell you is that to manifest your heart’s desire takes more than just setting intentions with intense emotions.

Manifest now dammit!

First of all, remember the Universe not only has a funny sense of humour, it also knows what’s good for you and what’s not. If you’re trying to manifest your ex back, the Universe will probably fight you the whole way on that one. He/she is not good for you and is an ex for a reason. Time to let it go.

But what about other things like

  • a better job
  • happier love life
  • more money
  • better relations with family/friends and spouses
  • travel more
  • and much more.

So how do we manifest those? It’s easier than you think.

Stick with me here

I’m going to share a very profound statement with you and I want it to really really sink in.

Everything is energy, good or bad.

So what exactly does that mean? It means that not only you have energy but the things you own and the space you live in has energy too. And yes, good and bad. Now knowing this, and before we get into this, I want you to take a super quick inventory of your space and your belongings.

Do you like/love them? Do they make you happy? Are you holding on to things from the past that have dark or sad memories but you can’t bear to part with them?

Are you following me now?

Think about a toxic person for example. Sally is someone you don’t like to be around, no one does. A black cloud hangs over her head 24/7. She’s toxic and miserable. You avoid Sally at all cost.

Now let’s take a look at that ugly picture you got from Aunt Betty 5 yrs ago (that was gifted to you by Uncle Jerry). She was your favourite Aunt and she’s dead now but fact of the matter is, that picture is ugly and you really don’t like it. Negative energy. Period. The fact that she’s dead adds even more negative energy to it. Why do you want to remember Aunt Betty with an ugly picture that you hate?

Get me now?

Your space, your things.

Let’s go back to why we can’t manifest all the things we want. Let’s also go back to energy is everything. When you realize that your space has negative energy things in it, you will then realize that in order to bring about more positive things in your life, you need to get rid of the negative things in your life. 

But there’s more (and the Feng Shui geek in me kicks in). Have a good look around, again, at your space. Is it clean, pretty, does it speak peace, love and harmony to you? Do you love coming home after a full day of work or does your home cause you more stress because it’s in chaos and disarray? Is your home office a jumbled up cluster fuck of papers, garbage, files, boxes and all other things that wreak havoc on you?

If you’re wondering why you can’t manifest the things you want, it’s time to take a deeper look into your personal space. There is so much more to manifesting than just writing out intentions and sending them out with the new moon or the Angels. If you don’t understand the simple and easy practice of Feng Shui, you just may never get the things you want. Trust me on this one.

Peace and Love

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Hit and Run-10 People I Would Love to Smack (but I won’t).

You know, I’m a pretty positive girl. I’m usually upbeat and happy and cheery. Usually. 99% of the time. I don’t really let things get to me too much anymore. BUT every now and then someone flicks that switch and the crazy Italian in me comes out and I seriously want to pull a hit and run.

Being down here in Guatemala, that switch gets flicked a lot. Some of the ways of doing things here are beyond my understanding. That’s the way shit gets done around here though. I accept it. I may not like it but that’s my problem. I am a stranger in their land. Instead I smile and nod and I forget about it in minutes.

It’s not just here though, it’s people in general. We all have those “some days” so you know exactly what I am talking about. Don’t pretend like these thoughts have never crossed your mind and you’re surprised by the candor here. We are humans and we are not perfect. So here’s my list of the peeps that got on my last nerve and, in my opinion, deserve to be hit hard!.

My hit and run list.

The girl at the counter who looks at me like I have three heads and don’t know what I’m talking about. I know what I’m talking about. Stop pretending you don’t understand. Figure it out, that’s your job.

The girl who comes on my FB page and says shit to me. Hey. Get your own page, this is mine. Stop being mean. It’s not pretty.

That one person who I ask a question to and laughs at me because they think I should know the answer. Don’t be an asshole. If I knew the answer I wouldn’t be fucking asking you.

The man at the cafe who is rude to the shoe shine boys and all the other street vendors. Grow up. They are trying to feed themselves. Be nice. (this would be my most satisfying hit and run)

The girl at the post office who wouldn’t give me my parcel that I waited forever for. You’re not going to lose your job because my product is expired. You’re just being mean. Not sure how you sleep at night.

The lady at the lake who was ignoring her kid because she was too busy taking selfies and pics with her friends, laughing and having a good time. Your child is crying and tugging at your pant leg. You deserve two bitch slaps for that.

The guy in the alley way who lets his dog off the leash not caring that his dog is very aggressive, not caring that his dog attacked me, not apologizing for the attack and not showing any concern that his dog could easily harm or kill any of the children playing. I got pepper spray for next time your dog comes at me. Fuck you and your dog.

The lady who is making a fuss at the airport because the plane is delayed and she’s now yelling at the counter attendants. Are you for real? Go sit down and smarten up. The counter attendant isn’t at fault and doesn’t deserve your verbal lashing. (another satisfying hit and run)

The kids, or adults, who are letting off firecrackers at 4 am. Really? I mean come on. Really!! Go to bed.

The lady at the lake who was pointing and laughing at my friend. You’re perfect? Don’t be a bitch. That’s mean.

You know, I’m really a pretty patient person I just don’t have tolerance for ignorance, bullies or mean people. This world needs more love, not hate. More compassion, not pain. More peace, not prejudice. Go spread some love today.

Come closer so I can …………

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Self Compassion: 5 Steps to Loving Yourself Again

You know, so many of us are compassionate towards others. We hear of some unspeakable pain or even just someone’s trials for the day and we instantly feel empathy and want to do what we can to alleviate their pain or suffering. We often get so lost in helping others that we forget our own needs, our own pain and our own self compassion.

I think that when we take time out for others, it not only helps us to forget our own problems but a small part of us may feel like it is healing us as well. Amirite? Could be. That’s just my assumption. If you are an empath (and though that’s not what this blog is about but I do want to touch on it a little), you know that you are drawn to people’s pain and trying to heal them. We are also drawn to a lot of negativity and toxic people and events. This is where self compassion is much needed.

Self compassion-the way to love yourself again

There’s an old saying that goes like this “You can’t pour from an empty cup”. I’m sure you have heard it, but do you heed to the message? Do you get the message of this quote deep inside your soul?

You should. You better. If you don’t, then the more you forget to refill this cup, the emptier you will be and the less of a healer you can be. Do you get that? You must take care of yourself first before anyone else.

It’s not selfish, it’s mandatory. Don’t feel guilty for having to do this.

Let’s look at 5 ways you can love yourself again and feel more self compassion.

Guided Meditations or Hypnosis

I love love love guided meditations and every now and then I dive into a great hypnosis that totally reprograms my mind to remind myself that I do matter and that I am just as important, if not more, as anyone else.

My favourite go to place for guided meditations is Insight Timer. Sarah Blondin is my girl! Go have a peek around there and see what you can find and what resonates with you.

Get outside

To your favourite spot in the whole wide world (even if it’s just in your city/town). Bring a nice beverage, a good book, a small snack or whatever you want. Go sit in that space (might as well listen to some meditations while you’re there!) and be with you and you alone. Enjoy the surroundings, listen to the wonderful sounds of nature, take in the beautiful sights and just peace out. This is your time to love yourself up!


Not your typical journalling though, I’m talking about sitting in peace, maybe light a candle or put on some lovely zen music and write out all the things you love about yourself. How awesome are you? Pretty damn awesome I’m guessing. You forgot just how amazing you really are I bet. Write it all out. Each and every single thing you love about yourself. Guaranteed to put a big huge smile on your face.

Remember that thing you’ve always wanted to do?

Go do it. Today. Now, This week. Make a date with yourself, an appointment that you’ve been meaning to make for that spa treatment or horse back riding lesson or sky diving adventure (too much?). Stop putting it off because you’re too busy helping others. It’s time for you! You have to treat yourself every now and then. You are always treating other people, doing so much for everyone else, what about you? Self compassion time!! Do something really awesome for you!


Unplug from social media for a few hours if you have to, a full day if you can. Start saying no to someone who may need help. It’s ok to say no sometimes and not feel guilty about it. It’s not up to you to save the world. Let other people have a chance to say yes too! What’s gonna end up happening if you don’t start saying no to others and yes to yourself is you will become a doormat. An empty cup doormat. You’re NO doormat. Say no every now and then, yes to yourself and see how liberating that feels.

I hope this blog and these 5 tips will help you find your way back to self compassion and loving yourself again. Remember, you matter just as much, if not more, than anyone else. Treat yourself like you do.

Peace and Love


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Delight, Luck and Surprise! The Exciting Full Moon in June

Oh yay!! Rejoice. It’s full moon time (June 27th) and this one has crazy surprises and delight! Yippee. Are you starting to feel a little bit excited? Is your energy becoming restless because you just know good things are on the way? I’m suddenly full of piss and vinegar and can’t wait to see what manifests for me in the next few weeks.

Let’s break this moon down a bit. It’s in the sign of Capricorn and if you know anything about this sign you know that Cap peeps are full of ideas, very practical and go getters. They are on a mission and will leave no stone unturned looking for answers. Be like a Capricorn during this full moon energy. I think the surprises that will show up for you  will delight you.

Your ideas will bring you delight

So knowing that this moon is in Cap and knowing that peeps in this sign get shit done, let that be a sign for you. You know what you want to do. You know what you want to manifest. You know what your burning passion and desire is, now is the time to bring it to fruition. Figure out how to do it, who do you need to talk to but most importantly, if fear has been holding you back, it’s time to flick that fucker to the curb. Got no time for that.

When you put your intention out to the world with bravery and confidence, you will be amazed at what it returns to you. Open your consciousness to the belief that you do deserve what you desire and once you do that, let it happen. Let your desire show up for you.

Feeling lucky these days?

Though I’m not a fan of the word luck and I don’t believe in luck, once you’ve opened your heart and mind to the belief that you can have what you want, and things start magically showing up for you, you will almost feel like the luckiest person in the world. Start the process early by believing that you are “lucky” and the things you want are coming. If they are for your higher good, they will show up!

Strawberry Full Moon

This full moon in Capricorn is also named the Strawberry Full Moon. Remember the seeds you planted in the new moon of this month? (you did plant seeds, didn’t you?) Watch them bloom and flourish now. It’s a sweet time! As your crops start growing, remember you also have to nurture them. Stick with them. Do what you have to do to make them the greatest crops of the year.

It’s also a time to pick the weeds. Is there something in your life that doesn’t serve you anymore? Is there someone who has the potential to kill your crops? Get rid of ’em them too. Be selfish. It’s your time and this is something you must do for you and your growth. Dump the naysayers. They aren’t living your life, you are.

People are awesome

We learn a little bit about ourselves, and others, from the company we keep. Open yourself to meeting new people, learning new things and growing your circle. There just may be someone you meet during this full moon energy who can help you with your dream and  passion. Ah more delight! Yay!

Remember that dream or passion you have? That goal you want to reach? People will play a huge role in you achieving it. Stay open. Listen with your ears, not your mouth (know what I mean). Don’t discount suggestions from other people. Sometimes we don’t see things the way others do. Put your ego aside. You don’t always have all the answers.

Full moon ritual

Time to put your intentions out to the moon and the universe. While you’re moon bathing ( I should really blog about that) which means, basking in the light of the moon for at least 15 minutes,an hour really is best, feel your intentions, really feel what it is that you want and what you want to achieve. Feel like you have it already. Feel the feeling of what it will be like when you have it. The moon’s energy feels you and will return it back to you tenfold.

Here’s to us and our dreams coming true!

Start howling!!

Peace and Love