What Do People Think About You? Take This Fun Personality Test Now.

I love quizzes. You should know that about me by now. I try to scout out all the good ones. Only the good ones. Sometimes I slip but for the most part I think I do a great job. This was a great quiz though the last question totally had me thinking “what the fuck?”. This is a fun personality test that I think you’ll really like.

I like the ones where they determine what people think about you. Now you should also know I really don’t care what people think of me because I love me and that’s all that matters. But these quizzes are just fun, really!

Fun personality test.

What do you think of you? You know sometimes what we think of ourselves and how others see us are two totally different things. I think many people think we are better, smarter or greater than we actually think we are.

Apparently people think I am a Spiritual person (which I am) with my head in the clouds (which it is most days). I love life and people and things and everything so I guess that makes me spiritual. What does everyone think of you? Drop your answer below. Have fun!

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The Simple Truth About Why You Aren’t Getting What You Want.

I think many of us will agree that money holds us back from getting what we want. Amirite? We can’t think of any other reason as to why we can’t have things we want. Fact of the matter is, there is only one simple truth as to why it’s just not happening for you.

So let’s have a little peek at a small list of things that most people want…

  • new car
  • new, better, better paying, etc, job
  • new house, nicer house, etc
  • travel more
  • a lifetime partner/new love
  • more money
  • debt free

A small list, but usually this is what we hear in conversation. I wish, I wish, I wish I had bla bla bla________ <insert wish here. I often wish for lots of things. The difference being? I usually get what I wish for. If I don’t? I’ll tell ya why in a minute. Let’s get to business here.

What’s wrong with me?

Honestly? Nothing. Not one single solitary thing. You are perfectly perfect just the way you are. There isn’t a darn thing wrong with you. We are all exactly where we are and who we are supposed to be at this very moment, right at this exact time.

The circumstances in your life have lead you to where you are now and the present conditions in your life keep you where you are. That’s not good or bad. It’s fact.

All the things I went through my whole entire life led me to third world country, Guatemala. Single and happy, rich in love and blessings. My life isn’t perfect but right now, it’s perfect for me. It is what I want. My life never used to be perfect.

As a matter of fact, it was downright depressing and horrible. I never got what I wanted and I always asked myself “Why can’t I have that? What the fuck is wrong with me? Why is my whole life shit?”

Yup, it sucked.

What changed?

After awhile, you get tired of everything going wrong, nothing good coming to your life. You get tired of attracting the wrong kind of partners, you get sick of the bills and the heavy debt load. You just get to a point where you know you’ve had it and something has to change! But what and how and when?

The biggest question was always how and that was always followed by oh I can’t do that OR oh that just seems like too much work OR that stuff doesn’t’ work.

Honestly, for the longest time, I was very comfortable in misery and my crap life. I hated it, but it was comfy. It was all I knew and even though I really didn’t like it and it sucked monkey balls, it was a safe zone. Safe is always good. Safe eventually gets on your nerves.

I finally got tired of safe and I needed a new life. I wanted things, like a happy fucking life, once and for all. What changed? My mind.

The simple truth is…

The Universe hears you. Your Angels are listening to you. There is a whole other realm out there that hears every single thing you say. Everything. If you keep talking about your problems and talk about lack, all they hear is no no no no no. I don’t I don’t I don’t. I can’t I can’t I can’t. That’s all they hear. I swear.

That’s all you talk about so they think you must love it and they just keep sending you more stuff that they think you love.

You can scream and yell at me now and tell me I’m being ridiculous or unrealistic or whatever. You can call me a crazy hocus pocus woo woo tree hugging hippie girl, I really don’t care but I’m telling ya, plain and simple.  Hear me out and then try a little something after you read this blog.

Get it?

It is time you turn all your thoughts around into more optimistic uplifting thoughts of anticipation of abundance and blessings. (phew that was a long one)

I got to where I am today because I believed without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to have it and I deserved it and I knew that happiness and joy was mine. All I had to do was believe I could have it, believe I deserved it (and we all do by the way) and wait in joyful anticipation for it to manifest. Yup.

It’s a whole new you

You have to completely revamp all your thoughts and everything you believe about what you deserve. You have to shift your mindset and the way you talk, not only to yourself (you talk to yourself, don’t try to pretend you don’t) and your family but your friends and people in generally. It has to be a new you.

Change your mind, change your thoughts, change your world. And BELIEVE! Feel it in your soul of soul, your heart of hearts. Talk about what you want like it’s yours already to anyone who will listen. Plan it, prepare for it, imagine you already have it, get really fucking excited about it. I mean it!

A little bit of anticipation, a little bit of thought tweaking, a little bit of action towards what you want (come on, you didn’t seriously think you didn’t have to do anything did you?) and…….wait………….wait for it…………you have to believe in your heart of hearts that it is going to be yours. It might not happen tonight or tomorrow or next week but it will.

Don’t let your thoughts slip. Stay the positive focus course and watch your life transform right before your eyes. I’m not even kidding.

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Ultimate guide to self love and self confidence

I wonder what Amsterdam is like in May.

Peace and Love



New Moon In Aries: Time for Much Needed Change.

Before we talk about the new moon, take comfort in knowing that Mercury Retrograde is finally coming to an end (and the crowd cheers!). Thank Christ, right? Holy shit this one kicked my ass hard. As the new moon energies start on the 16th of this month Merc finally fucks off on the 15th. See ya later. Hope you choke on Saturn’s rings on your way out the door.


So let’s get on with the good stuff! The new moon is in the Aries sign this month and if you know anything about this sign, they are rams. Grab the horns and let’s go. Push ahead! Fiercely and courageously.

Just let it go.

Oh you know what I’m talking about here. The shit that no longer serves you. Job, relationship, so called friends. Whatever it is, whoever they are, it’s time to let that go. Merc is gone and we have powerful energies now nudging us, quite forcefully, kinda like a ram, saying “hey, you need to let go of that”!

Do it. No matter how hard it is. Nothing worthwhile comes easy or without a little bit of pain. This new moon is asking you to make room for the good stuff! It’s time to make some serious changes in your life and ironically, you’ve probably been thinking about them for awhile now anyway.

Stop thinking, start doing.

Yup that’s easier said than done, but aren’t you ready for more positive things to come into your life? You know, the things you’ve been dreaming of for awhile now.? Those things. You need to make room for them.

Oh but wait, if you keep thinking it’s too scary and you don’t think you can have it, get it, be it etc, then it might be time to shift your way of thinking. Start telling yourself that no matter how scary this is gonna be, you’re gonna be able to handle it, no matter what.

Because you will be able to and you can do this. You got the fiery aries sign behind you!

Ritual anyone?

There are a few things I do every new moon. I’ll share my rituals with you and you can try them or modify them or ignore them. Up to you! I find that when I put emotions and energies behind my intentions, they stand a better chance of coming to fruition.

  • light candles, put on soft music
  • get out my journal and write out 5 wishes
  • read each one back and really feel what it would be like to have _____ now.

The energies of the new moon are in full effect during the first two weeks. They last 4 weeks (up until the next new moon) but you want to take advantage of them when they are strongest.

You got a lot going for you during this time. Be brave and know that whatever changes need to be made, whatever things/people need to be let go of, don’t be afraid to do them. If not now, then when?

Your life is on the other side of your comfort zone.

Geezus Merc’ what were you thinking this time? Son of a bitch!

Peace and Love


Love Me or Hate Me, I Don’t Give a F**k.

Come on, you gotta love these titles, really? They are hard hitting and I think some of them either make you hate me or love me right off the bat. Funny thing about that is, well, I really don’t care.

BUT before you hate me already, really, let me explain myself a bit. I want my blogs to be of great reading enjoyment. I want them to hit whatever nerve they have to, but most importantly I want them to speak to you in a way that you need to hear.

When I was wallowing in my self pity and living my shit life, it was blog reading, ebook reading, and all that other personal development stuff that saved me. So here’s to hoping that just maybe, I can aid in saving you, if you’re up for saving.

Moving along….

I used to care too much.

I mean, there was a time I used to do ridiculously stupid shit just so people would like me. I do would do stuff and then can recall going home and thinking to myself “well that was fucking stupid”. Peer pressure maybe I guess? I used to think peer pressure was just a high school thing but I’m a perfect living example that it’s not. Peer pressure is real shit. Even as adults.

If you were going to drink 60 oz of tequila and then drop two hits of acid and then go train jumping, well dammit if it meant being your friend, then I was gonna do that shit too.

Stupidity is what it was. Sheer stupidity. As I got older, (and relatively came to my senses, what little I had then) it turned into me doing stupid shit so that my boyfriend wouldn’t dump me.  I would do whatever they wanted. I desperately wanted, needed and had to be liked, loved and wanted. Period. It didn’t matter what I had to do.

Wake up and smell coffee or chocolate or something for Chrissakes!!!

I was 51 years old when it finally hit me. Can you believe that? It took me all that time to wake up and realize it wasn’t coffee that was brewing, it was shit. Stupid shit that I had been doing for all my life.

All my life I so desperately needed and wanted to be loved, needed, liked, respected. All that was happening was that my self worth was sinking lower and lower until it was almost non existent.

Actually by the time I realized what I was doing, I had no self nothing, nudda, zippo, zilch. No self love, value, respect, esteem, confidence. Nope. I was a shell of a person, Weak, vulnerable, naive and lost.

But I caught it. I recognized it. I woke up and wondered who the fuck was I, what am I and why do I let people keep walking all over me and trashing me so bad in hopes that they will like me? What on earth is the matter with me?

I’m a nice person, damn you.

And so began the long long long, wait one more, long healing journey of self discovery. I needed to realize that the only person who was supposed to like me was me and if I didn’t like me then my problem was bigger than I thought. And guess what? I didn’t like me. No wonder why you didn’t like me either.

I had to learn who Iva was. I had to see if she was nice or not. I had to figure out what made her tick and if she had some serious shit going on that maybe needed working on. By that I mean negative things, poor attitude, stuff like that.

Slow but sure I came alive again. I was learning new things about me. Some definitely needed changing, others just needed a bit of tweaking.

After almost one full year a whole new Iva emerged. A damn nice one too. One that doesn’t really put up with anybody’s negative crap any more and one that will stand up for what she believes in. One that will help another human being no matter what, and one that won’t put up with any one who is judgmental. Got no time for that.

Iva is full of self confidence, she’s loving, caring, with a touch of craziness. In a fun way. Crazy in a fun way that makes people laugh, smile and feel good about themselves. It took her a really fucking long time to get here but she’s never been happier.

Iva is a nice person and if you don’t like her, she doesn’t really care.

Is that Guatemalan coffee I smell brewing?

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self love, self help, personal growth, women empowerment, just let it go, healing, words of encouragement, life coach

Ultimate guide to self love and self confidenceIva