Dharma Types. Take This Test to See Which One You Are.

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Fun quiz time. Ever wonder what Dharma type you are? I never really gave it much thought until I was searching for fun quizzes to share with you guys and this one came up. I didn’t even really know what this word meant or what it was. So in a nutshell, and according to Google, Dharma is in the intrinsic nature of a thing. Kinda make sense? (honestly I’m still not so sure I get it)

Anyway this was just a great quiz really with thought provoking pictures. I like the ones that make me feel and think at the same time. This one did just that. I hadn’t realized that discovering your Dharma type meant to analyze photos, but what do I know?

Dharma types

My results:

I’m an Educator

You fall into the Educator Dharma type!

Your main role in life is to pass on your wisdom and knowledge to others! You are an extremely intelligent person and strongly idealistic! You are known for your advice giving and people always turn to you for your wisdom. You however struggle to take some of your own advice!

I love this!! I feel I am an educator too. This is awesome.

Take the test.

What’s your Dharma type? Take this beautiful quiz to find out. Drop the comments below to let us know what type you are. I’d also like to know what the other types were. Share it with your friends so we can see what type they are too!

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Which dharma type are you?


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