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What is Your Greatest Purpose of Life? Find Out Now

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Whoa this was one super deep quiz! I spend most of my days wondering what my purpose of life really was. I don’t think it actually finally hit me until I was well into my 50’s. Now I’m not saying it will take you this long to find yours. Or maybe you already know what your greater purpose is! Kudos to you if you do.

After taking this extremely interesting quiz and the very peculiar questions, these are my results.

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My purpose of life-my results

To Enlighten Yourself and Others Through Spirituality

You are an enigmatic being, and have found from a young age a deep rooted connection to something greater. You are a lover of nature and often feel this greater presence when you are alone in a beautiful environment. Your gift is a unique one, because it cannot be quantified or measured.

You find that your greatest inspiration comes from connecting to a higher source, and by helping others to feel connected to something that is beyond them. We live in a scientific society, where we value physical data, and that which can be seen and measured.

You are able to look past the science, and are not shocked when someone is healed inexplicably. If you have hidden your gift, reevaluate the people you surround yourself with, and find groups and congregations where you can be yourself and share your spiritual nature.

Living spiritually is essential to you, but you will feel most gratified when you are around others who share your particular spiritual connection.

It is very likely that you already knew your greatest gift before taking this quiz… because it is in your nature to seek your higher purpose and learn how you can fulfill your spiritual dharma, or service to a higher power. In order to reach an increased level of spiritual awareness, you would likely benefit from participating in a retreat, whether locally, or in a remote, beautiful part of the world.

Being amongst hundreds, or even thousands of others who share your point of view and connection to a greater power would no doubt provide you with unequaled purpose. What an amazing energy to feel: to be in the presence of others who share your spiritually driven life; whether it is through mass prayer, meditation, yoga, or energy work.

When things are tough amongst your family and friends you are often the one they reach out to, because you can access what is greater, and see the gifts in even the gravest of circumstances. Continue to inspire others to greatness, and you will feel rewarded for living a spiritually driven life.

Take the test to find yours

Go ahead and take this quiz to find out what your purpose in life is. Drop your results below so we can see too!! If you liked this quiz, you might also like this one!

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