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Which Crystal Gemstone is Your Healing Stone?

Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

Before we begin this beautiful gemstone quiz did you know there is healing energy in crystals? Are you already using crystals for the healing power that comes with them? I have a few of my favourite stones that are always so close by. Amethyst being one of them, Carnelian is another favourite and Citrine. These are my power stones if you will.

The Healing Power of crystals

Healing crystals, or gemstones, have been used for centuries to heal ailments, physical and emotional, very successfully. I recently discovered their wonderful healing power about 8 yrs ago or so and my gemstone collection has grown leaps and bounds in that time. I’m very blessed to be living in a country (Guatemala) where crystals are in abundance and there are many vendors that line the streets selling them in raw form, tumbled and also in jewelry. I have tons of each. I’m never too far from my crystals.

If you aren’t familiar with gemstones or the healing power of them, you should really pick up a book on it. The Crystal Bible is awesome.It’s my bible!!

So the results are in for what my healing gemstone should be

Turns out my crystal is Fluorite

Fluorite helps relieve stress, ground your ideas and clear away confusion. It balances your third eye chakra, acting as a mind-body detoxifier.

This actually kind of surprised me as Fluorite, though is a pretty stone, I actually only own one. I think I’ve been neglecting it for far too long too! Time to dig it out again!

Take the gemstone quiz now

Go ahead and take this really short and beautiful quiz to find out which crystal you should be keeping close to your side for the healing power and energy.  Do you already have a favourite stone? Which one is yours? Drop it in the comment section below.

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