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Colour Quiz Reveals Who You Were in Your Past Life

Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

Oh this was a beautiful past life quiz to take. I love quizzes where you just get to pick a colour or image and not have to think too much.

I was once told years ago that I was a beautician in my past life and then another person told me that I must have taken a vow of poverty in my past life. Who knows for sure.

One day I would like to find out for real though.

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My results from this past life colour quiz

So after picking all the pretty colours that caught my eye, I’m embarassed to reveal my results but there they are anyway…

You were a politician in a past life!

You have all the knack of a politician because you were one in a past life! Politicians are clever, calculated and highly ambitious. You have all these qualities and you also have leadership qualities that you were seemingly born with.

Oh sweet baby Jesus shoot me now! Ugh! A politician. Of all things. The most ironic part of this answer is that I hate everything to do with politics and I mean everything!

Ah well, better luck next time.

Your turn!!

Ok go ahead and take this beautiful colour quiz to determine who you were in your past life and don’t forget to drop your results down below so we can all see!!

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  1. I receive! I loooooooove music and yes I should have been and still must do something in music cause it truly is my everything

  2. A Politician? Oh HECK NO! I detest anything political.
    But people tell me their problems and I somehow give them good advise, so maybe….

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