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Can You Guess How Many Triangles There Are in This Image?

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This is an age old internet quiz that continues to drive everyone crazy. No one could ever guess how many triangles are in this image. This tricky quiz took me some time to count what I thought were the correct number of triangles, but alas, I got it wrong.

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Tricky quiz on the internet

People have been sharing this image on the internet for ages. This tricky quiz has stumped many, millions maybe even! Have you come across this triangle image test or maybe one like it?

Are you good at guessing these kind of things?

I’m not. I try to count as best I can but truth be told, I actually lose patience and just want to see the answer…haha. Call me a 5 year old on a bad day. To be honest, I actually don’t get most of these tricky quizzes right.

Guess how many triangles!

Go ahead and try this one. Drop your answer down below and let us know if you were right or way off. If you liked this quiz why not try out a few more? Here are a few of the favourites:

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