How to Get Everything You Want (and why you aren’t)

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I think many of us will agree that money holds a lot of us back from getting what we want. Amirite? We can’t think of any other reason as to why we can’t have things we want. I’m going to share the secret of how to get everything you want and reveal the real reason why you aren’t right now.

So let’s have a little peek at a small list of things that most people want…

  • new car
  • new, better, better paying, etc, job
  • new house, nicer house, etc
  • travel more
  • a lifetime partner/new love
  • more money
  • debt free

A small list, but usually this is what we hear in conversation. I wish, I wish, I wish I had bla bla bla________ <insert wish here. I often wish for lots of things. The difference being? I usually get what I wish for. If I don’t? I’ll tell ya why in a minute.

Let’s get to business here. I first want to talk about the reason why you aren’t getting what you want and then I’ll share with you how to get everything you want. Your mind will be blown.

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I never get what I want!

How many times have you heard yourself saying this: I never get what I want!

It’s frustrating af, right? Especially when you look around and some of your friends and family seem to have so much luck and all good things flow to them, but you? Nudda. Ever.

Is there something wrong with me?, you start to wonder.

Nope. Not one single solitary thing. You are perfectly perfect just the way you are. There isn’t a darn thing wrong with you. We are all exactly where we are and who we are supposed to be at this very moment, right at this exact time.

The circumstances in your life have lead you to where you are now and the present conditions in your life keep you where you are. That’s not good or bad. It’s fact. Plain and simple.

All the things I went through my whole entire life led me to a third world country, Guatemala. Single and happy, rich in love and blessings. My life isn’t perfect but right now, it’s perfect for me. It is what I want. My life never used to be perfect.

As a matter of fact, it was downright depressing and horrible. I never got what I wanted and I always asked myself “Why can’t I have that? What is wrong with me? Why is my whole life crap?”

Yup, it sucked.

What changed?

After awhile, you get tired of everything going wrong, nothing good coming to your life. You get tired of attracting the wrong kind of partners, you get sick of the bills and the heavy debt load. You just get to a point where you know you’ve had it and something has to change!

But what and how and when?

The biggest question was always how and that was always followed by “oh I can’t do that” OR “oh that just seems like too much work” OR “that stuff doesn’t work”.

Any of that sound familiar?

Honestly, for the longest time, I was very comfortable in misery and my crap life. I hated it, but it was comfy. It was all I knew and even though I really didn’t like it and it sucked, it was a safe zone. Safe is always good.

But the truth is safe is not good. Safe eventually gets on your nerves.

I finally got tired of safe and I needed a new life. I wanted things, like a happy life, once and for all. What changed? I finally figured out the secret on how to get everything you want. It was mind blowing and amazing.

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Why you aren’t getting what you want

Pay attention. Everything is energy, even your thoughts and words. And the words and thoughts you speak and think actually create your life.

I know. It sounds super crazy. I sound super crazy. But it’s true!

You might really like this video I found recently on YouTube on how your thoughts and words create your life. While you’re over there, please check out my channel, Women Blazing Trails, and hit the subscribe button too!

The Universe hears you. Your Angels are listening to you. There is a whole other realm out there that hears every single thing you say. Everything. If you keep talking about your problems and talk about lack, all they hear is no no no no no. I don’t I don’t I don’t. I can’t I can’t I can’t.

That’s all they hear. I swear.

That’s all you talk about so they think you must love it and they just keep sending you more stuff that they think you love.

You can scream and yell at me now and tell me I’m being ridiculous or unrealistic or whatever. You can call me a crazy hocus pocus woo woo tree hugging hippie girl, I really don’t care but I’m telling ya, plain and simple.  Hear me out and then try a little something after you read this blog.

The truth will set you free.

It is time you turn all your thoughts around into more optimistic uplifting thoughts of anticipation of abundance and blessings. (phew that was a long one)

I got to where I am today because I believed without a shadow of a doubt that I was going to have it and I deserved it and I knew that happiness and joy was mine. All I had to do was believe I could have it, believe I deserved it (and we all do by the way) and wait in joyful anticipation for it to manifest.

Yup. That’s all I did. I changed my energy, changed my frequency, changed my thoughts and words and voila! Finally a happy life that I created with a simple mindset shift. 

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How to get everything you want in life 

You have to completely revamp all your thoughts and everything you believe about what you deserve. You have to shift your mindset and the way you talk, not only to yourself (you talk to yourself, don’t try to pretend you don’t) and your family but your friends and people in generally.

It has to be a new you.

Change your mind, change your thoughts, change your world. And BELIEVE! Feel it in your soul of soul, your heart of hearts. Talk about what you want like it’s yours already to anyone who will listen.

Plan it, prepare for it, imagine you already have it, get really excited about it. I mean it! That right there is the simple truth.

A little bit of anticipation, a little bit of thought tweaking, a little bit of action towards what you want (come on, you didn’t seriously think you didn’t have to do anything did you?) and…….wait………….wait for it…………you have to believe in your heart of hearts that it is going to be yours.

It might not happen tonight or tomorrow or next week but it will. Don’t worry about the how or when. Just know that it’s yours. Period. Plain and simple. Feel it, believe it and wait for it. 

Don’t let your thoughts slip. Stay the positive focus course and watch your life transform right before your eyes. I’m not even kidding.

Peace and Love



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  1. Good Morning Iva…x Thank You For Sharing, That Which Needed To Be Heard Within Myself!! Be Blessed With Love, All Ways & Always…x

    1. Thank you Gavin. Glad you liked the blog! xo Thank you dropping by and leaving a comment. Blessings of love right back at you my far away friend. :)

      1. Tks Iva been trying to be positive but probably not all the way Tks for that blessings to you

        1. Thank you Paulette blessings to you as well. xo

    2. Oh so so true, every, single word. Love you ❤️❤️

  2. really great blog and you are also a true life coach. who never wrote second thoughts and be pure whether it is bitter or embarassing dear. thank you.

    1. Hey Prakash, thanx for your comment. Can’t call myself a life coach, just someone with lots of life experiences :)

    1. :) thank you for your comment Pamala. Glad you got something out of my blog :)

  3. Thank you Iva ? This was a real ispiration ?Loved reading this? I atry to practis this by reading The secret?Love that book?Blessing from Norway ???

    1. Thank you for your comment Turid and glad you enjoyed it. The Secret was a great book as was The Power. :)

      much love xo

  4. Yes Queen of positivity !! Thank u 4 ur words of encouragement I will be doing this from now on , & p.s I lo e Amsterdam 2, I believe it is my ” soul city” ? much love & blessings 2 u ! xox

    1. Hi Angeline thank you for reading the blog and your comment :) Stay positive! xo

      much love
      xo iva xo

  5. it seems like you’re talking to me…I am everything you told here…I was amaze..the feeling of..this is me…my thinking…what I’ve been…Thank you for being a sort of encouragement…

    1. Glad this resonated with you Daisy! Thanx for your comment and for reading the blog.

      much love
      xo iva xo

  6. This message is precisely what I need to hear at this juncture in my journey. Finding your article is proof that I am attracting more positive energy into my experience! Yes!

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