What is Your Mental Age? Find Out Now With This Test

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Another good one for the books. I love these types of quizzes where they guess your ages. This mental age test was no different and when I stumbled upon it I had to take it. I’ll be honest though, the questions were slightly odd and I wondered how some of my answers were going to determine my age.

I did find them to be very easy to answer though so answering them honestly wasn’t a problem. I often feel like some days I’m 12 and other days I kinda age or feel my age, mentally and physically. The results of this mental age test though totally shocked me.

take this mental age test now
Take this mental age test now

Mental age test results

So after going through the questions (don’t worry, there weren’t many) this is my resuls:

You are 17 years old!!

You are an energetic, kind, and popular 17 year old. Did we get it right? Please let us know in the comments.

Huh? I’m 17? How on earth they came up with that still baffles me. I mean, I know some days I act and feel like a teenager but to think my mental age is 17 is kinda scary. Lord help us all!!

Take the age test

Your turn. Go ahead and take this interesting mental age test and let us know below what your results were. I’m dying to find out!! If you liked this quiz you might also really like the ones over on my quiz page. Why not head over there and check out a few more.

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