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What is Your Mental Age? Find Out Now With This Test

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Another good one for the books. I love these types of quizzes where they guess your ages. This mental age test was no different and when I stumbled upon it I had to take it. I’ll be honest though, the questions were slightly odd and I wondered how some of my answers were going to determine my age.

I did find them to be very easy to answer though so answering them honestly wasn’t a problem. I often feel like some days I’m 12 and other days I kinda age or feel my age, mentally and physically. The results of this mental test though totally shocked me.

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Mental age test results

So after going through the questions (don’t worry, there weren’t many) this is my results:

You are 17 years old!!

You are an energetic, kind, and popular 17 year old. Did we get it right? Please let us know in the comments.

Huh? I’m 17? How on earth they came up with that still baffles me. I mean, I know some days I act and feel like a teenager but to think my mental age is 17 is kinda scary. Lord help us all!!

How old do you really feel?

You know we shouldn’t get too wrapped up in our ages and how old we are, look or feel. Well to be honest, how old you feel is really up to you. If you feel old and worn down/out, then maybe something needs to change.

I never feel or act my age. Some days I look it some days I don’t. Every day I don’t care and neither should you. Some of us are old souls, some of us are just kids at heart. It’s all up to you.

Keep in mind all these are just for fun. Any intelligent test or psycho test or any other quiz I share with you. Yup even this silly mental age quiz. All fun!

Take the age test

Your turn. Go ahead and take this interesting mental age quiz and let us know below what your results were. I’m dying to find out!! If you liked this quiz you might also really like the ones over on my quiz page.

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60 Responses

      1. I am 20 But I got 68,don’t know whether it’s good or bad

    1. I got 36!! I’m actually 13 in real life!! Haha! I’m like so happy rn.

      1. I’m actually 58, but it states I’m 36! Wow!

        1. I am 16 right now and it shows 32 👏 such a close guess 😐

          1. I’m 11 almost 12 and they said I was 32.I think this quiz isn’t real or I just act like a 32 year old.

    2. I’m actually 19 but I guess it’s good that my mental age is 29

    3. Not surprised. I am 71 and the test said 36.

  1. I got that I was 89!!! I receive this as a great compliment because my Earth year is 45, lol. My friends and family have always told me I was “wise beyond my years.”

      1. 9/20/19
        My results said 41…I had just turned 42 in August. So accurate.

  2. It says m 41. But m 28 originally, feels like m very much mature to my age.

    1. No, it says I’m 41 but I’m 19 however, I sometimes feel like I’m an old lady

    2. It said I’m 29….that was the best age to be…I’m 42

  3. Ok so I got 89…and im only 16, maybe my soul is 89 years old? I dont know.

  4. 31 soon to be 32, so quite accurate! I’m surprised ?

  5. I got 36 yrs old and I am actually 55 years old …. I hsve been told by numerous people that I look 36 … ?

  6. I’m 73 and I got that I am 36 and artistic. Well, the artistic was correct. How much fun. I don’t feel 73 so that might explain part of it. :-)

  7. I always said I have a body of a 200 year old, but the personality of a 36 year old!
    I scored 36 years, and am actually 65 years young🙋‍♀️

  8. I get 89 yrs old!!! But I am 16 yrs old! So what does it mean? Can anyone explain

  9. Am 63 and got 68. Some others I have done have said I was much younger then my age. That I was young at heart. Different questions seem to give different results.

  10. I am actually 45 and got it 36…??? mentally I m younger 😄

  11. I got 29, and I am actually 27, really close.

  12. The test said I was 36. Would be wonderful to go back in time nearly 33 years.

  13. I am 20 but they said I am 89.don’t know if it is bad or good

  14. Test results show that I am 29 but actually I am 34. So I am not satisfied with this query

  15. I am 72 years young. I refuse to be old. Not trying to be a teenager, or any other young person, , I don’t dress really young or any of that, I just won’t think old
    I got I was36. I don’t feel THAT young, but it’s flattering

  16. This is so surprising ! my mental age is 68……. and I just turned 69 !

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