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What’s the Real Meaning Behind Your Birth Date?

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Have you ever wondered what the real meaning behind your date of birth is? If you follow numerology at all, or even if you don’t, it teaches us that numbers play a significant role in our lives. Especially our birth date. When I found this quiz I had to take it. I love everything to do with numerology and astrology.

The best part of this quiz, for me, was that there is only one question so it won’t take you through a million boring irrelevant questions. I love that. As much as I love quizzes I don’t always have time to sit here and answer 20 questions. Who does?

Your date of birth meaning

So my date of birth is September 25th 19–..haha. After choosing my option this was my result. I have to say that it is actually pretty accurate except for the family part! My childhood was far from normal.

You Are A Charismatic Center of Attention

You are intelligent, outgoing, charismatic, confident, the center of attention, popular, insightful, talented, deep, spiritual, bossy

You come from a medium sized family, you had a relatively normal childhood and you are going to grow old with lots and lots of people all around you.

You attract quiet, logical, business-oriented individuals who let you stand in the spotlight while admiring your beauty and grace. You attract people born on the 3rd, 8th, 11th, 21st and 29th of any month.

Your turn

Take this date of birth one question test and see if the results are accurate for you too! Drop your results down below if you feel comfortable doing that. If you loved this quiz, you might also like some of the other ones on my quiz page

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    1. Okay they got everything right except family. We are not right knit. Well I am not. The rest they got spot on. Well not the children one though. I am still single. Let’s hope the rest comes true.

  1. I’m the Creative Peacekeeper. They say that I’m quite but I disagree. I’m quite when I’m working, however.



  2. Mine says I’m an Emotionally Intelligent lover, and everything’s else is spot on… I do see myself having a big family in the future.

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