There Are 4 Levels of Intuition. Which One Do You Have?

Oooh this was a total mind fuck. I loved this quiz. I consider myself to be highly intuitive but so often I just keep it to myself and not share things I feel, see or think are going to happen. Intuition is that gut instinct,that little voice in our belly that tells us something. So many of us ignore it and others don’t quiet their mind enough to actually listen to it to see what it’s telling us.

My intuition is…

According to this great test, I am Level 4: Connection to Universal Wisdom. You have the connection to the universal wisdom! This type of of intuition is rare, profound and in high demand in this crazy age! It’s often activated during deep meditation or advanced awareness practices but for you it comes naturally. It’s the highest level of intuition that humans can reach while in physical form and allows us to access the realm of all things and to become consciously aware of our connection to and ability to create. This means that when you truly want or need something, you easily attract it to yourself. You know better than the rest of us on a deep intuitive level that we all have the power within us to change and heal our lives if we so choose!

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What level of intuition are you?

To be honest, I was slightly disappointed that the quiz didn’t tell me what the other levels were. The only way I’m going to find out now is if you drop your results in the comments section below. Share your results so we all know what the 4 levels are!

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There are 4 levels of intuition. Which one do you have? Take the test now to find out and leave a comment so we know what the other 3 levels are! #intuition #gutinstincts #trustyourgut #personalitytest #gutfeelings #wisdom #truths #healer #intuitive #consciousness #funfunfun #takethetestnow #playbuzz #funtests

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