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5 Things to Remember When Karma Backfires.

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Let’s face it, in this lovely, yet sometimes trying world, not everything goes according to planned. Crap sometimes just goes wrong. We struggle to understand why some things happen to us. We claim to be “a good person” and wait, don’t bad things only happen to bad people? Nope. Bad things happen to everyone. But there are a few things to remember when things go wrong. Karma sucks sometimes.

Karma anyone?

I believe in Karma. I am a firm believer in the whole you do good and good things happen, you do bad, well, you get it. I like to flutter and breeze through life thinking I have all my ducks in a row, I’m a good person, I do good all the time, all my stuff should just go smoothly. All the time. I mean, isn’t that what Karma is all about anyway?

Well, yes and no. I mean, yes that’s sort of how Karma works but I think there are a few loopholes that I haven’t quite figured out, or, in all honesty, it has little to do with Karma and lots to do with “that’s life girl”.

So in my butterfly, rainbows and unicorn riding world, when things go sour, I have to remind myself of a few things. Let me share 5 of them with you now.

You got this.

No matter what happens, no matter how terribly bad it is, I always come out smiling. Why? Because I can handle whatever life throws at me. How, you ask? Because I’ve been through hell and back and have always landed feet firmly planted on the ground. Because here I am at 55 years young still smiling and happy. You so got this. Fear not.

Everything is temporary.

Even your troubles. Nothing lasts forever. Not good things or bad things. They are all temporary. So is life. But you knew that already, right? Don’t worry about how you’re gonna handle this thing that life just threw at you. Before you know it, it will be done and over with. Gone, done, finito, caput. Stop fretting and stressing over it. Tomorrow it will be a distant memory and you’ll be laughing about it (er, maybe?).

Take what you want and leave the rest.

Ah the lessons. Keep your eyes and ears wide open for the lesson that life is trying to teach you. It’s either saving you from something or maybe even yourself. Sometimes we think we know what we want or we think we’re on the right track and whammo, the poop hits the fan. That’s a lesson. That’s life’s way of saying “Oh no you don’t, back  up!” Take bits and pieces of that lesson, or hell, take the whole lesson, and move forward with it.

You’re not always in control, but you knew that right?

Didn’t you? Why do we still insist on trying to control absolutely everything, and sometimes everyone? Stop doing that. The only thing/person you can control is yourself. Mind your own business. I have discovered that people who have little to no control over their own lives are the ones who tend to control everyone else’s. Don’t be that person anymore. Get a grip on your life and your own things and let go of trying to control how you think things should be. Sorry Susan, life doesn’t work on your terms.

Who’s laughing now?

You should be. Dig out your sense of humour. It will go a long way here. You know, when we’re in the middle of a poop pile we want to scream and cry and freak out and maybe even blame a bunch of people along the way. Don’t do that. Just laugh it off. This will help you in the future when more stuff goes wrong. It builds character and strength. Trust me on that one.

And remember, it’s only temporary.

Karma, really? What the hell did I do this time? ~sheesh~

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Peace and Love


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