5 Tips to Manifest Love, Money and Almost Anything Else You Desire!

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See how I slipped the word almost in there. I would rather be safe than sorry. I don’t need anyone coming back to me and say “Hey, that manifesting stuff didn’t work for me, you’re a liar”. Eek, that would horrify me if anyone did that. I don’t want to give anyone any false hope.

I’m no manifesting guru or anything crazy like that. I just want to talk a bit about how I learned to manifest almost everything I want and I’m going to share my 5 tips on how you too can manifest love, money or anything else.

Now I say almost because I have yet to manifest the love of my life yet.  Oh I can manifest love, just not the love of my life. I think I still may be feeling a bit of resistance to that. I think I’m ready, no I’m not, I think I’m ready, no I’m not. This battle goes on all the time for me.

It’s brutal. I never know which voice to shut up. They both make perfect sense.

Anyway enough of my love life, or lack thereof.

I’m getting really good at this manifesting thing. So good actually it kinda scares me. Scares me in a freaked out kind of way. Here are a few examples of some of the things I manifested.

• Retired from my regular day job in July 2015
• 3 week trip to Costa Rica
• Living in Central America for the winter
• The SUV of my dreams (that was a lifetime ago)

These are just a handful of things that I actually manifested. It still freaks me out to this day that I manifested all that and then some. Since I’ve become this crazy super manifestor, my life has literally taken a 180 turn. Some days I barely recognize myself. It’s that crazy.


Ok enough! Tell me how to manifest love and money!!

I almost feel like I sound like an infomercial. Who remembers those? “But wait, if you order 2 right now, I’ll throw in 5 more. But first, you have to hear my secret.”

Well, there really is no secret. Not for manifesting greatness into your life anyway. I don’t think so. I attract what I want or what I think about or direct all my attention to.

Thoughts, right?  But wait. I always make sure my thoughts about whatever I want are happy, clear, focused, and are for my higher good.

No bad thoughts, only good thoughts.
Let me share a few tips with you that really help me nail down what I want.

5 easy ways to manifest love and other awesome things!!

1 I want it so bad I can taste it

I mean, I feel this thing so passionately it consumes me. I dream about it, talk about it, think about all day every day, like I already have it. It’s mine.

2 I write it out

On a huge mofo neon bright bristle board and tape that somewhere I see it every single day. I read it, I touch it, I write it again. I look at it all the time. You should also write out exactly what you want in great detail in a notepad or journal.

3 I talk about it all the time

To anyone who will listen. The more I talk about it, the more I believe it is coming and the faster it comes. Talk about it all the time. Like you own it. Period.

4 I feel like I already have it!!

Remember it’s yours already. How does it feel? You are super excited and full of butterflies and giddy with excitement and all those other overwhelming amazing ridiculously crazy feelings.

5 Figure out how I’m gonna get it

Now before I go on here, many of the readers here who believe in the work of The Secret and The Law of Attraction will probably say you’re not supposed to figure out how, the universe will do that for you. Sure it will, but you have to have some sort of idea of what you need to do in order to manifest love and other things.

For example, if you want a new job, you can’t just sit in your room, never talk to anyone or go out and expect a job to land at your doorstep. You have to get out and network and put yourself out there. That’s what I believe and we all have our own opinions of this.

Manifesting your ex back

Stop right there. Back up. Read this carefully.

Manifesting your ex back is a bad idea especially if the relationship was toxic or you were treated poorly. You should never chase love or beg anyone for attention or for them to love you.

Your ex is an ex for a reason. Please rethink this move. It’s just a bad idea. Let go, move on and manifest something better to come into your life!

Word of warning!!!!

Danger danger caution caution!!!!!

Before you try to manifest love or manifest your soulmate or whatever, it’s kinda important to make sure you have your life on track. What do I mean by that?

Well. It’s important to love yourself and have self respect and self confidence so you don’t keep attracting jerks. It’s important that you have healed from your demons from the past and you are ready to love again. Don’t look for love because you are lonely or you will attract the wrong kind of love.

If you still have some healing to do you might want to check out my 21 Day Challenge Course. This powerful and life changing course will do just that. Change your life, for the better of course!

Click the link here to check it out or the image below. If you’re really ready to change your life and manifest your soulmate or manifest love then be sure to use coupon code IAMREADY at checkout for $50 OFF!


Other ways to manifest love and other awesome things

What do you think you have to do in order to manifest what you want, in a reasonable manner that is for the best for everyone? Start researching and looking into steps you must take and start taking them.

I found this super awesome channel on YouTube the other day and I adore this chick and her guided meditations. You can check her out below.

When you want something bad enough, you feel it, believe it, see it, taste it and dream it, you can have it but careful what you wish for. Some things aren’t good for you or in your best interest. You’ll find that out quickly if you want to manifest love but come from a place of desperation or a place of love. Trust me on this one.

Peace and Love


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  1. I have been thinking about it every single day…..retiring….getting a camper to live in and traveling. I AM going to do it!!!

    1. WOOT!!! Do it!!! I have faith in you Susan!!! :) xoxox

  2. Yay! Awesome post Iva! Words to remember and live by. You inspire me, as always.. :)

    1. Hey Vikki thanx so much for your comment and for stopping by the blog!!! Hope all is well in Sudbury xo

  3. You know, you don’t know me……. yet, but I was reading this the other day and wondered, “why doesn’t she jist manifest herself some red licorice”? I mentioned this my girlfriend, who coincidentally is planning to bring you some when we come in September. Kim said,” she has, I’m bringing it”

    1. Hahaha Dave that’s awesome but wait, if I don’t know you, who’s your girlfriend? She’s bringing me licorice???..Yay!!!!!!! :)

      1. Yes. A week or so ago Cristel Gunn mentio ed on Facebook that we were coming in September and you replied “For the love of god and all things holy, tell them to bring red licorice”, so we decided we’ll pack some red licorice! We’re a couple of Pana wannabes from SW Ontario

        1. OH you’re the licorice people!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! :) Nice thank you SO much!!

    1. Thank you for your comment, Ruby, and I’m glad you liked the blog xoxo

  4. Thank you for the tips, absolutely love it ! ?
    I wanna ask you, what about “talk about it every time” how should i talk to the people that my desire is already mine? Or how should i talk ?

    1. Thank you. When I started dreaming of Central America in the winter time I would tell people “this is my last winter in Canada! Mark my words. I will be in Central America next winter!” It made me hold myself accountable to making this big dream come true! Hope that helps. :)

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