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10 People I Want To Punch in the Throat (but I probably won’t)

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You know, I’m a pretty positive girl. I’m usually upbeat and happy and cheery. Usually. 99% of the time. I don’t really let things get to me too much anymore. BUT every now and then someone flicks that switch and I come across people I want to punch in the throat.

Being down here in Guatemala, that switch gets flicked a lot. Some of the ways of doing things here are beyond my understanding. That’s the way things get done around here though. I accept it. I may not like it but that’s my problem.

I am a stranger in their land. Instead I smile and nod and I forget about it in minutes.

It’s not just here though, it’s people in general. We all have those “some days” so you know exactly what I am talking about. Don’t pretend like these thoughts have never crossed your mind and you’re surprised by the candor here. We are humans and we are not perfect.

So here’s my list of the people I want to punch in the throat though I probably never will. But the thought sure crossed my mind. A million effin times to be exact.

10 people I want to punch in the throat

The girl at the counter who looks at me like I have three heads and don’t know what I’m talking about. I know what I’m talking about. Stop pretending you don’t understand. Figure it out, that’s your job.

The girl who comes on my FB page and is mean to me. Hey. Get your own page, this is mine. Stop being mean. It’s not pretty.

That one person who I ask a question to and laughs at me because they think I should know the answer. Don’t be a jerk. If I knew the answer I wouldn’t be asking you.

The man at the cafe who is rude to the shoe shine boys and all the other street vendors. Grow up. They are trying to feed themselves. Be nice.

The girl at the post office who wouldn’t give me my parcel that I waited forever for. You’re not going to lose your job because my product is expired. You’re just being mean. Not sure how you sleep at night.

The lady at the lake who was ignoring her kid because she was too busy taking selfies and pics with her friends, laughing and having a good time. Your child is crying and tugging at your pant leg. Of all the people I want to punch in the throat, you should be on the top of the list.

The guy in the alley way who lets his dog off the leash not caring that his dog is very aggressive, not caring that his dog attacked me, not apologizing for the attack and not showing any concern that his dog could easily harm or kill any of the children playing.

I got pepper spray for next time your dog comes at me.

The lady who is making a fuss at the airport because the plane is delayed and she’s now yelling at the counter attendants. Are you for real? Go sit down and smarten up. The counter attendant isn’t at fault and doesn’t deserve your verbal lashing.

The kids, or adults, who are letting off firecrackers at 4 am. Really? I mean come on. Really!! Go to bed.

The lady at the lake who was pointing and laughing at my friend. You’re perfect? Don’t be nasty!!. That’s mean.

You know, I’m really a pretty patient person I just don’t have tolerance for ignorance, bullies or mean people. This world needs more love, not hate. More compassion, not pain. More peace, not prejudice. Go spread some love today.

What’s your throat punch list look like?

Do you also have a list of people you want to punch in the throat? Share it in the comments below. I’d love to see it.


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    1. Teehee…thanx Michelle. You know I would never hit anyone but….really.!!!…;)

  1. HAHA people who use firecrackers into the night need a life!!

    what’s stopping you (some tips) from getting physical Iva? Lol

    1. Vishnu you don’t even know….lol….those firecrackers, I dunno. I can’t even begin to try to figure that one out…Thanx for your comment…and you know I won’t bitch slap these people..;)

  2. Only ten??? There are dozens out there on my list! You have much more patience than I do!

    1. Hahahaha only 10 to keep this blog post an easy read but I have to say I do have a lot of patience these days. :) Thanx for your comment Gina I appreciate it. :)

  3. Loved it Iva. I would bitch slap the lady ignoring her kids at the lake. Would she have known if they drowned? Don’t bitch slap not asking you just saying. Lol. Made my day.

  4. Love it I have similar random or maybe not so random moments lol

    1. Haha it’s the not so random thoughts and moments…lol

  5. Ha ha, made me laugh! But save the peoper spray for the man, who probably made his dog like that. Not the dogs fault that hes a product of human conditioning x

    1. Ya I yelled at him too but they don’t really give a shit about stuff like that here…I feel bad for the dog really…thanx for popping by!

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