When You Feel Lost and Believe All Hope is Gone, Watch This!

Do you ever notice that just when you are at your lowest point and you feel lost and hopeless a blog, poster quote or video shows up and it practically has your name on it? Are ya with me here? This week I feel like I’ve been kicked in the head and the stomach. I disconnected from friends and social media all week by about 75%. Mm hmm. I had to.

I’m human just like the rest of you. I have bad days. It hits me every now and then but it does happen where I just want to curl up in a ball and make the world go away. This week I lost focus, clarity, and hope. I hit a wall and I hit it hard.

Not a fun place to be. I’ve been here before. Many many years ago. It’s dark and I hate it. I especially hate my thoughts while I’m in this place. None of them good. You get me? Pass the wine :/

I think we’ve all been there. Maybe some of you still are.

So this morning I was scrolling my feed in FB checking up on my page, friends and family and came across this absolutely amazing video by one of my favourite writers ever, Nikita Gill. I honestly had only ever read her poems and quotes, never seen a video or even heard her voice until this morning.

All is not lost

I was excited that she had produced this video and I instantly clicked play. Within seconds I was crying. Mind you, I’ve been doing that all week anyway but this hit me in the feels. This took all my hopelessness away. That feeling of being lost was slowly fading and suddenly I realized that I got this. Just like every other time.

This thing called life. Ya, I so got it!

After watching her video I felt so much better. Happier. That things really are going to be ok and I’m gonna get through this. I hope that if you are feeling crappy right now (I really hope you aren’t but just in case) this video can save you like it did me. Enjoy the video, subscribe to her channel and google her while you’re at it. Her work is precious.

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