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Which is Your Most Dominant Intelligence?

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This was an intriguing psychology test. I was drawn to it by the title because I love the ones that pinpoint your personality traits and such. I found this one to be a little challenging, at least some of the choices for the questions were anyway. Though they did provide you with enough choices some questions I still struggled to find the one closest to what I would do.

Tricky at best anyway. The questions were very interesting though. After scratching my head a few times this was the result I got. To be honest, I wondered if maybe some of my closest guesses weren’t close enough? The result kinda surprised me.

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Psychology Test Results

So after going through this test, these were my results.


Your dominant intelligence is logical-mathematical! You’re logical, intelligent, reliable and have naturally strong analytical abilities! According to Howard Gardner this intelligences enable people to thrive in logic, abstract thinking, reasoning, numbers and critical thinking.

You thrive in math and you’re a natural philosopher at heart. You understand the world and a series of systems with clear rules and laws. You easily identify patterns and you’re a remarkable problem solver. Of all of the intelligence types, this enables you to be the most successful!

I’m not so sold on that honestly. I wouldn’t be considered the most logical person on the planet that’s for sure though I am a good problem solver. I dunno.

Your turn

I’d really really really love to know what your results were on this psychology test. I’d be curious to see who got the other intelligence and if the results are close to who you think you are.

If you liked this quiz head on over to my quiz page and try out a few more! There are some fun ones and some serious ones.

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  1. I really enjoyed this, actually, my fav so far.

  2. My test results is contrary to my being very poor in Math.

  3. I think it was totally correct. This is how I see myself.

  4. My result came out as my dominant intelligence being intrapersonal. I am introspective and a deep thinker and independent, but hardly a natural poet able to influence the world with my ideas.

    1. Im the same way. I dont consider me a poet, tho in my early years i wrote a lot of stuff. True how i felt stuff. Usually about people i cared about

  5. Verbal-linguistic
    I tend to have this drag towards language but I ended up doing something which isn’t my interest..How can I go for something I feel an urge for.

  6. WOW, it was spot on. I’m impressed. Am sure many people would benefit greatly from this particular test.

  7. Visual-spatial which is really accurate as I LOVE art and creating things. I also make a lot of visual resources since I work with Deaf students. Its great as an educational interpreter for the Deaf to be visual spatial as their visual skills are very highly refined due to their loss if hearing.

  8. Visual/Spatial.
    Humm. Probably why I am a Writer.
    Accurate. Cool

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