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answer these human anatomy questions

Can You Pass This Human Anatomy Test? Take It Now.

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Well the title of this quiz caught my eye. I honestly do suck at basic human anatomy. I only know what parts work and which ones don’t. After that I got nothing. So I had to take this test to see just how bad I could really butcher this.

Some of the pictures and questions honestly had me stumped and I literally guessed. There were words I had never seen or heard of before. When in doubt click C right?

Basic Human Anatomy Quiz

So after going through this interesting quiz my results (below) actually surprised me. Then I checked the comments under the quiz and many had the same results as I did though some results were downright awful so it only made me think that I’m either a really good guesser or the quiz is flubbed.

Either way, here are my results…

My results

Anatomical Genius!

Congratulations, you are an Anatomical Genius! From head to toe, you know the inner workings and complexities of the human body. Though some of these questions were quite easy, it takes an advanced knowledge of the body to know the technicalities that these questions required – and you nailed it! Nice job!

Whether you watch medical shows to study up, or just have a passion for anatomy knowledge, you are way ahead of the curve!

Your turn

I imagine if you are or were in the medical field you will totally ace this test. For the rest of you, well good luck. Though there weren’t many questions, thank God, I did find some of them quite tricky. Like I had no clue.

Drop your results below so we can see how well you did! If you liked this quiz why not head on over to the quiz page to check out some more and have some mindless fun!!

And now that you’re done all that guessing why not check this out too! I think you might like it. 

Peace and Love


can you pass this human anatomy test


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