Everyone Fits Into 1 Of These 4 Psychopath Types. Take the Test Now.

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Ooooh I loved this test. The questions weren’t too far fetched and it was pretty easy to answer them honestly, as I did, and you should too! I am anxious to know what the other four psychopath types there are. This was a good test to give your brain a little exercise too!!

I like dropping these quizzes in here so this whole website isn’t always serious. I’d like to add a little fun in it too! Fun for me, is quizzes. Lucky you! Remember the key word here is fun so don’t take all the results too seriously or personally. There is little truth or validity to any of the answers.

My psychopath test results

So it turns out I am a Histrionic and the definition is pretty accurate.

You are a Histrionic Psychopath!

You are different from other psychopaths in that your behavior is more theatrical and demonstrative, attempting to catch the eye of anyone who provides you with a spotlight. You love to be around other people as you influence and inspire them with your artsy, more creative side.

You value sex and sensuality greatly, and you fall in love at a consistent rate as you express high amounts of affection simultaneously.

Your turn!

Which are you? Make sure you answer the questions on the test honestly. No sense in taking these tests if you’re just gonna lie. You’re lying to yourself silly, not the computer.

Take this fun test and find out what kind of psychopath you are! Which type did you make it to? Drop your comments below and share with your family and friends to see what kind of psychos you are hanging with! If you loved this quiz why not check out this ever so popular one too!!

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Which of the 4 psychopath types are you


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