No One Can Score 30/30 on This Tricky Plural Forms Test.

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Well, as much as I love a good spelling test quiz I often wonder about the results. Not to say that I’m super smart or super dumb but my results are always way better than I would have thought. I honestly think some of the marking might actually be slightly incorrect or maybe just geared so that we all pass and feel good about ourselves?

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Spelling Test Quiz

Take the spelling test quiz and let us know what your results are to prove my theory either right or wrong. Some of these actually were pretty hard and I mostly just guessed at a few of them to be honest.

But wait, were there even 30 questions? (scratching my head now)

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  1. Thirty out of thirty! I don’t know how that happened since I guessed half of them.

  2. 30/30, but honestly I did know most of them. I only guessed a couple. I love challenges. Thanks!

  3. I did manage to get them all without guessing but I am surprised at my age I can still do this type of quiz!

  4. 30 out of 30, amazing, Iā€™m an official genius. The description was spot on, however.

  5. Easy for me, an old guard journalist who, at 80, still knows the English language and the foreign-tongue incursions and adaptations which English has embraced. A pity that English is not taught today like it was in the past.

  6. My education is limited, i just answered what i remember, taught during my high school. I tried to pronounce it too if it’s double s or single. 30/30 score is just a luck. I enjoy all your quizzes, score doesn’t i learned a lot that matters. More power!

  7. Thanks a lot to this channel, i learned many things from every quiz.šŸ˜Š

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