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Take This Beautiful Spirituality Quiz to Find Out How Strong Yours Is.

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I always like to think I’m a pretty spiritual person, even though just a few years ago I really didn’t know how to even define it. Now of course, no one really needs to take a spirituality quiz to find out how strong theirs really is but I felt the urge to take it just to see how mine measured up.

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Spirituality vs Religion

Many think spirituality has something to do with religion. I used to think like that too. I was actually kinda shocked to discover that is has absolutely nothing to do with religion. Spirituality has everything to do with feeling and showing love and compassion to another human being and all living things.

It doesn’t honour one God or deity. It’s just love, care, kindness, and true compassion.

Spirituality quiz

When I finally realized what it meant, I knew for sure my spirituality was strong. But, you know me, I had to take this spirituality quiz anyway to see just how strong it really is.

So after taking this interesting spirituality quiz, here are my results.

75% spiritual 25% Skeptical

Spirituality is important to you, but so is analytical and critical thought. This is not to say that you are not faithful, but you rely on a balanced mix of logic and conviction to make important decisions.

You may occasionally participate in some kind of religious ceremony on special occasions, but you wouldn’t consider yourself religious.

How strong is your spirituality?

Take the quiz to find out and drop your results in the comments below! I’d love to see what the results of others is.

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  1. 95% spiritual to me is wonderful and every moment is spent in moving further toward enlightenment ?Namaste

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