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Where Do You Fall on the Psychopath Scale?

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Wow! Well when they said unique they meant it. This was an extremely interesting visual test. Not what I expected that’s for sure. I had to stop and take an extra few seconds to look at some of the images.

They tell you not to put too much thought into them and just say the first thing that comes to mind, but it was hard.I try to not think too much when I take these tests but it’s hard not to.

You want to try to give it your best answer and I’ll admit, I’m a bit of an overthinker. It was hard to not study each image carefully but they just want you to glance quickly and tell them what image you saw first.

Visual test results

So apparently I’m not psycho. Tell that to my family!

You’re Not Really a Psychopath at All

You passed the psychopath test!

You are a smart, assertive and dedicated person, but you are NOT a psychopath!
You like to speak with other people, work, travel and learn. You don’t feel caged in your daily life, and you are always there for others.

I actually passed the psychopath visual test and I’m not on the scale which means I ain’t crazy after all. ;) The results were actually very accurate. Do we all have a little cray in us? I think so.

I often wonder how they come up with these results just from asking us a few questions. They usually seem to come up with accurate answers.

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Your turn! Where do you fall on the psychopath scale according to this visual test?

Take this test and find out where you fall on this scale. Drop your answers down below! Let’s see how many psychos I got in my tribe! Ok I get that not many of us want to admit to being cray but hey, aren’t we all just a little psychotic in our own special ways?

I think so.

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  1. So the description it gave me was 100 percent correct and it say 100 percent psycho. Should I be scared

  2. I said this out loud while it was calculating, “Oh, I probably didn’t get to high” Then proceed to look at the results and pause in silence for a moment (100% Psycopath)

  3. i have taken test for 4 times 2 of it say im 100% psychopath and other 2 say im not….so what should i do??

  4. Its very difficult to read every single mind feelings ,but impression always say something about itself.

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