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New Beginnings and Abrupt Endings-The Leo New Moon in August.

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Are you still feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde and the Lunar Eclipse from last month? The energy in the air is still kinda unstable. This week we have a solar eclipse with the new moon in Leo. So what does that mean? New beginnings, abrupt endings, things changing, unexpected situations. It’s a mixed bag of tricks really.

New moon in Leo on August 11th

The Leo sign is all about confidence, loyalty, love, creativity, passion and pride. They also tend to be a little selfish. This will serve you well right now to be selfish too.

So how does this relate to us during this new moon period?

How’s your self confidence these days? Are you feeling creative lately or maybe you have a creative project you’re thinking of starting? New moons are all about new beginnings. Get that project off the ground. It’s time, now. It’s time to dig deeper and do what it takes to muster up our self confidence. Did you lose it somewhere along the way? Perhaps due to a toxic relationship whether that be with an intimate partner or maybe even your boss or a family member?

Find your self confidence again. Now is the time. 

New beginnings and abrupt endings

It should be no surprise to you now that new moons are all about setting powerful intentions. What do we want? What did we want last new moon and are still waiting on it perhaps? Take this time to reevaluate your wishes. Does something need to change either in your desires or your manifesting ritual?

New beginnings are around the corner for everyone but with this comes abrupt endings. Things that no longer serve you may either drop to the wayside on their own or it could be you who decides it’s not serving you anymore and it’s time to step away from it and let it go.

Whatever the case may be, be prepared for surprises.

So many planets retrograde right now!

Mars, Mercury and Uranus. Now know that I am not an astrologer but I follow this closely. Why? Because eclipses, moons and planets retrograde are such important times for us and for the decisions we make and the way we talk to people and react to things. With so many planets retro right, don’t make hasty decisions! Keep a level head and your tongue behind your teeth, even though you really do want to lash out. Don’t. Nothing good comes from that.

All this action in the sky really just wants you to slow down and take a look at your life and yourself. Is it time to make a big bold move? Have you thought about it long enough or do you still have some more research to do on it before you take the leap?

Do what you have to do but this time is a selfish time. A much needed and well deserved selfish time. It’s mandatory and totally ok to be selfish. This is your life, not everyone else’s. Do what you feel is right for you!

New moon ritual

I do this every single new moon and you should too. You can read more about the ritual and how to do it here. I also do a full moon ritual which is almost the same as the new moon one with a few little tweaks. Here’s a great post about the full moon ritual. 

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