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Stop Living a Mediocre Life. You Are Better Than That!

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The gym I used to go to in Sudbury had a huge logo, or mural, painted clear across the 40 foot wall (I think it was 40 feet, what do I know?). It said Achieve Legendary Greatness. I absolutely loved seeing and reading that. It excited me. I needed to stop being mediocre. I needed to believe and be reassured that I am better than I think!

YES I think I can do that! It was motivational and inspirational for me in a huge way. I used to wonder how many people would just ignore that mural.

So powerful, so big, yet almost non-existent for most.  How sad. That mural burned deep in my soul. It meant the world to me. It had serious deep meaning for me.

You’re better than you think

In my opinion, that’s a pretty intense quote and I also think that achieving legendary greatness probably takes a whole lot of hard work. Hard work that most of us, myself included, are afraid of doing.

What exactly does it mean to be legendary? According to my recent Google search it means this:

  • ~ remarkable enough to be famous
  • ~ very well known
  • ~ famous, celebrated, popular, great, etc.

When I think of legendary greatness these names come to mind: Oprah Winfrey, Wayne Gretzky, Muhammed Ali, Anthony Robbins. No way I can be like them. Or can I?

I read the words again, Achieve Legendary Greatness.

So powerful. And it got me thinking. Can I? Can I achieve legendary greatness? Or better still, why can’t I achieve legendary greatness? What do I want to be famous for?

The answers came easily. Of course I can. Who’s going to stop me? What do I want to be famous for? I want people around the world to know that no matter what they have been through and no matter what they are going through, all they need to do:

Can I be legendary for that? Why not? Of course I can.

I want people to say, “Because of your blogs and newsletters and your inspiring words, I DIDN’T give up and I realized my dream”.

I want people to know my story and see that good stuff can happen to them too.

I want people to live ridiculously happy lives and break free from the chains that are binding them.

I want people to eat more chocolate, be silly, laugh lots and maybe even become legendary too.

You have greatness in you.

Achieve Legendary Greatness? You bet. It’s in you. Yes, Les Brown said it best. Each and everyone of you has unique beautiful greatness in you. It’s up to you to find it, dig it out, embrace it and show it to the world. Stop playing small. That’s not what you are here for.  You know what your greatness is. Unleash it. It’s time.

Is it really leg day today? Ugh!

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Peace and Love!

Iva ♥

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