How to Move On and Let Go of Trauma From Your Past

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So easy to say. Move on. Let go. Forgive and Forget. If it were easy to do we’d all be doing it. But it’s not. We’re going to talk about how to move on in this article. People tell us to do it all the time like it’s nothing. It’s nothing, right? Ah, he/she/they didn’t […]

How To Get Over Someone You Love (and move the f**k on)

how to get over someone you love

How to Get Over Someone You Love UGH! I remember some 7 years ago or so, maybe more, when I left my abusive relationship of 8 years I spent many days wondering how I was ever going to move on from this. I think we all have these moments, amirite? We wonder if getting over […]

How to Get Over a Breakup-4 Things You Must Never Do

How to get over a breakup-man walking away from sad woman

4 things you must never do while getting over a breakup Man oh man breaking up sure does suck. I hate everything about it, except for one thing. The simple fact that you are moving on with your life and allowing better things to come to you. Always a positive side, amirite? Anyway, we’re gonna […]

How to Deal With Loneliness After a Divorce (or Breakup)

how to beat loneliness after divorce, dealing with loneliness after divorce

When you are recovering from divorce, dealing with loneliness is definitely an obstacle that keeps you from moving on. We get stuck in this mindset because it makes us feel like we have nobody in the world. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Take a look at the mindful strategies that can help […]

Letting Go of Limitations and Living Your Dream Life

let go of limitations to live a dream life, if you want a dream life release limitations, stop limiting beliefs and live your dream life

Can you hear the great “tick-tock” of the cosmic clock? Time is running out. Do you have a plan for the time you have left? Are you positioned to receive the best time of your life in this season of your life? Deep down inside of you, your dream life is awaiting liberation. Can you feel it? Sometimes we […]

September Full Moon-Face Your Fears and Get Ready for Massive Growth!

face your fears, full moon in september wants you to let go, get rid of what no longer serves you, embrace change and growth, full moon messages for september

Yippee!! You know I absolutely love the full and new moons but this month I’m even more excited about it. Wanna know why? It’s the day before my birthday! Yay!! I’m not gonna lie, it’s been a stressful last couple of months for me but this month’s full moon urges you, and me, to face […]

One Simple Technique to Get You Through Divorce Bitterness

one simple technique to get through divorce anger, how to deal with divorce bitterness, dealing with anger from divorce

Getting your life back after divorce can be hard. There are financial issues, co-parenting, and emotional roller-coasters to ride that can leave us feeling exhausted, wondering if we’ll ever move on and feel happy. Among these stressors, one of the most challenging obstacles to overcome when recovering from divorce is one that can grab hold […]

New Moon in July-This Will Be Life Altering! Get Ready.

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Here we are a little more than halfway through the year. Big changes and crazy emotions have affected us all, amirite? I know for myself I have already had many life altering moments this year. Some good, some not so good. That’s just life, baby, and you roll with it. The new moon of July […]

How the One True Love I Had Almost Destroyed Me-Ignoring Red Flags

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I moved to a new town and fell in love. I mean, doesn’t that happen to everyone? I imagine it does. I fell in love, true love, and I fell hard. Really hard. Days weeks and months went by and I fell deeper and deeper. My thoughts, most of the thoughts I had were consumed with this […]

New Moon June 2018-Speak Your Truth!

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Can you believe we’re already half way through 2018? What a year it has been so far. How are things shaping up for you? The energies have been super high right up until this point and I’m surely not the only who feels this. Each new moon this year has had special meanings and energies. […]