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How the One True Love I Had Almost Destroyed Me – Ignoring Red Flags

Last Updated on 1 year by Iva Ursano

I moved to a new town and fell in love. I mean, doesn’t that happen to everyone? I imagine it does. I fell in love, true love, and I fell hard. Really hard. Days weeks and months went by and I fell deeper and deeper. My thoughts, most of the thoughts I had were consumed with this love. I went to bed and thought about it, it was on my mind first thing in the morning. Little did I know then, the sadness that was sure to follow.

Yup, I fell hard.

It was true love and it was so beautiful.

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You couldn’t help but see the beauty. So much beauty. It almost intoxicated me, or maybe it did. Maybe I was love drunk by the beauty. I couldn’t help but feel almost an infatuation, a burning desire, an addiction if you will. I didn’t want to be without this. I couldn’t even imagine my life without it. I was obsessed, clearly. Was it an unhealthy obsession? Probably. To be consumed by beauty can’t be good. This had to be true love.

Stop my mind.


Why couldn’t I think of other things? Why couldn’t I just be happy with my life and what I already have? Why did I need more and have to have this love? Why couldn’t I just stop thinking about it and leave it be? I knew I was starting an unhealthy relationship and it had already proven to be completely unhealthy, but I ignored the red flags. This love is mine and will be mine forever. I just know. I figured if I kept this relationship and all these thoughts of love and possession on my mind all the time then surely it will be mine one day, no? Isn’t that how this works? Do you know the Law of Attraction? I mean there was most definitely an attraction there and it was mutual, oh how it was mutual. I felt it all the time. The love I got back in return had to be true love, right?

Another shot, please.

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I was slipping, slowly slipping, into a vortex of self-medication. I couldn’t handle the torment I was inflicting on myself anymore and I didn’t know how to handle it. Maybe I should just let this love go. Maybe it’s time to leave it, end it, walk away from it. Not all love is true love Iva, some love is harmful. Clearly.

Another shot of tequila pleases Cesar. Hell, just make that two more. Another nite out with friends. Another nite out without friends. I didn’t even need the company to go out with anymore, I just needed to numb the pain this love was causing.

So I did. And I fell into a quiet depression and a complete state of unhealthy stress that no one knew about. Even I didn’t see it was happening. No clue. Why does love hurt so much? I should know better, right?

Another red flag?

Why was this love so hard? Why does it keep pushing me away and further and further back? I know you love me back dammit! I can feel it. Why are you pushing me away and making this so hard? I don’t understand. It’s supposed to happen. Every ebook I read and every Abraham Hicks Rampage I listened to said this love is the right one!

You keep building walls and closing doors and I keep kicking them down. You are mine dammit. Why can’t you see that? Our love is true love! I know it!

But…why do I feel so heavy all the time? Why am I not well? Why am I drinking so much? What’s the matter Iva? I thought love was supposed to make you happy and cheery and bubbly and all that glowing mushy love stuff people feel when they are head over heels in love. Why don’t you feel any of that Iva?

Boom! And then there was none. And the sadness kicked in hard!!!

And suddenly, in a blink of an eye, my whole life changed and my whole world came down around me. My love was taken away from me. My love was gone. Ripped out from underneath me with no warning, no signs, nothing. Just pulled. Just like that. It was gone. And I was devastated. Completely and utterly torn apart and devastated. The pain and grief I felt were unlike anything  I have ever felt in my life. Ever. It was shocking, debilitating, and crippling and left me powerless and empty.

And for a split second, in all that grief, I felt relief. Relief that it was over. For almost 8 months I was sucked into this vortex of completely unhealthy love, littered with red flags that I continuously ignored because this love consumed ALL of me. I couldn’t see the bad for the rose-colored glasses I wore. I couldn’t see how I was hurting myself. I couldn’t see any of the negative. Not one shred of it.

We’re gonna be ok.

So many of my friends and family felt my pain and grief. They knew how deeply I was in love. They felt my pain alright. And everyone offered sweet words of *it’s going to be ok Iva*. I knew that. I didn’t see it immediately. I cursed Abraham Hicks and yelled at God and the Universe. What’s up with this? Why are you doing this to me? I felt this love with every ounce of the blood that runs through my veins. Why are you doing this to me???

But I knew why. When my true love was gone and there was no hope left, I felt free. I felt almost alive again. I was light and happy and relieved and relaxed and chipper Iva again. The Universe knew exactly what it was doing. It was freeing me, unchaining me, and helping me to live a life of joy again.

I will always keep that love deep in my heart as a part of my life that was so beautiful, even though it was hurting me deep down inside, there was still so much beauty to it. So much beauty and love and I am totally blessed to have had that much love in my heart for……

Bartender, let’s have a shot in celebration of my new life por favor.

My true love – The Treehouse of Hope

This blog is in memory of The Treehouse of Hope, the apartment building I lived in when I first moved to Guatemala. I had big beautiful dreams to buy it and turn it into a volunteer sanctuary. I will miss it with all my heart but I can look back now and see how it was tearing me apart. I look forward to new adventures and to seeing what the Universe has in store for me. I share this story with you now, like this, so you can see that red flags are there for a reason, no matter what you are going through. Pay attention to them.

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Peace and Love


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  1. Well said, Iva. It’s devastating when a dream dies. I’ve been there. :(
    I’m glad you have such a wise perspective on this now. New doors are opening. New paths are appearing. Though the treehouse may be gone, the hope is still there, I know it! Keep on being amazing, girlfriend!

    1. Thanx Cristel. It sure does suck but things will get better and I know there are better things on the horizon. xo

    1. Thanx Angela. I appreciate your comment, your love and friendship xo

  2. I love this Iva! How easy it is to create a dream that feels absolutely real, right and true. Whether it’s a project or a person, we can become so attached that we don’t see the red flags. Love to you ❤️

    1. Thanx Allanah for all your help and patience with this project. We did our best and it’s time to move on to bigger things. I appreciate you <3

      much love xox

  3. This is what I’m going through right now. The red flags are screaming!! They have been for months now. But why I am I still holding on to it? I think I might be scared of ending up alone, so I prefer dragging this baggage which is drowning me, slowly but surely. I wish I knew how to let it go. Thank you for your story, Iva. I wish I was as strong as you. xoxo

    1. Hi Jersey, recognizing the red flags is the first sign. You’ve done that! Yay you. The next step is doing something about it. When your desire for a better life is stronger than your desire to stay in misery, it will be time :)

      much love
      xo iva xo

  4. I can’t seem to get from where you were to where you are. I am still putting up with all 7 things on your list after 15 yrs with my husband. Instead of drugs or alcohol, his addiction is his job. 5 years ago the bullshit of life manifested into agoraphobia and I became a recluse. Never even going off the enclosed porch. After 2 yrs of therapy and trying medications I was told I had Treatment Resistant PTSD. Basically I was told the Hell I was living in had no way out. I wasn’t going to give up that easily, I want to live and feel alive. I sought out a Reiko and energy healer the next day and saw her 3 days later. I woke up from the 2 hrs session feeling like I had been awakened from a coma after 20 yrs. I felt alive for the first time, I wanted to run to the top of the Sandia Mts from our front porch and fly off the top. I have left the house and done more things since then than I have in about 7 yrs. I feel alive I want to live. Then theres my husband. Now not only am I not allowed into any part of any of his life, I am hard to love. I am uworthy of honesty, compassion, understanding, conversations about what’s going on in our life, my own feelings, needs, expectations, companionship, oh except money. I can have the one thing i could give a shit less about. If I bring up any feelings he angers, is hateful and hurtful, and just pushes me further. I have no value apparently. I just want to leave and save my life. I am dying on the inside . Clearly I need to cut the cord. I keep trying to fix this. Why can’t I get this through my head. Why cant I see it for what it is. How can I know all this and still be so fucking stupid. And what the Hell, Why am I doing this to Myself. OMG. WTF.

    1. Hi Sarina. I love your story and your journey. I don’t love that you called yourself stupid though. ;) You aren’t stupid at all. Look at the fantastic progress you have made. You just need one good solid push to catapult you to the life you desire. Something will trigger this for you and you will just go. I know it. But wow, look at you go!!! Don’t stop there Sarina! :)

      much love

      xo iva xo

  5. Thank you! I needed this today. Red flags, red flags everywhere. So hard to make the decision to move on. But better now after a year then later after 10 years, right? Heart breaking….

    1. Hey Lori thanx for your comment and glad you enjoyed the blog. Ya those darn red flags. They slap us upside the head but we still ignore them. Silly us ;)

      much love

  6. I wonder if it is ever possible for the red flags to be there but to be caused by something that might change, thereby causing those red flags to no longer be? My ex desperately wants to get back together & he has ‘removed’ those things that caused him to behave in bad ways. He promises that things will be different this time… how often does it happen that the situation can transform from being a good –> negative –> back to good? I miss the us I once knew & beieved in & I want to believe in him enough to give it another chance…

    1. How many times do you want to hear *things will be different this time*?. Granted, things can change…let them change first and then revisit this. #mytwocents

      much love

  7. I don’t know how I stumbled across this site tonight, but I wept the entire time reading it.
    In the last year I realized that I have fallen in love with a man who I’ve known, and been friends with for almost 20 years.
    I fell really HARD…and can’t let it go…
    The story doesn’t matter, I just need to get my shit together.
    Thank you for posting this..

    1. Letting go is hard. I recommend going on YouTube and finding cord cutting meditations. They helped me a great deal. xoxo Thank you for your comments and I’m glad you found my site :)

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