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What Is Your Best Quality? Find Out Now

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This quiz caught my eye today and I debated on whether or not to go ahead and take it. The quizzes that tell us what our best quality is or what our age/name or whatever is I tend to stay away from.

Why? Because I kinda feel like we should already know these things, no? I mean, I think I know myself well enough to know what my positive attributes are but I gotta be honest, sometimes I do wonder, and curiosity takes over.

Next thing you know, I’m over in Playbuzz checking out the latest ‘what’s your best bla bla bla’ quiz. Oy.

My best quality

So I have to tell you, I always thought mine is that I’m very kind. Or it might have been that I’m very optimistic. I think I have a lot of good qualities to be honest. Turns out I’m neither. Well, I mean I am but according to this

Leadership Qualities

You were born to lead! Leadership is a very valuable quality. Being mostly an extrovert, you are experienced in communicating your ideas. People are drawn towards your confident and outgoing nature.

You are likely to have a wide network of connections. You aren’t afraid to stand up for yourself or your friends. Somehow you always seem to emerge as leader in almost every social situation. Leading others run in your blood!

Good qualities

I think each and every one of us have our fair share of good qualities and we certainly don’t need a quiz to tell us what they are. I believe that even bad people have some positive attributes. I mean, who are we to judge anyway. I always say, look for the good.

What is your best quality? Find out now

Do you know what yours is? What do you think your good qualities are? Take this interesting quiz now to see if the results are close to what you think yours is. Honestly, I was a little surprised by my results. I don’t really think I have leadership qualities.

Sometimes I do, other times, not so much. Go ahead and do the quiz now. Drop your results below if you feel like it and don’t forget to share this out with your peeps so they can see what their best quality is too!

If you liked this quiz, you should head on over to my quiz page and take a few more. There are some super cool ones over there.

Onto the quiz! :)

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  1. Completely Wrong! I’m an introvert, not an extrovert. I’m great at cust Serv however I also am tired of putting up with delibertly rude people!

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