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What is Your Spiritual Colour? Take This Test to Find Yours.

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This was a beautiful quiz to take. I like to try find not only interesting quizzes for you but ones that are fun to do. This didn’t disappoint. This quiz was fun, interesting and beautiful. The ‘what’s your spiritual color” quiz had me right at the name!

Though there are a few more questions than I honestly like, you don’t even really notice just because you can’t wait to click to see what the next image is!

It’s great, really. And besides, I’ve always wanted to know what my spiritual colour is!

You guys know I only sniff out the good quizzes and this one was good!!


Turns out that my spiritual color is actually one of my favourite colours.


Red! Here’s the breakdown on it:

Like a fire, you burn with passion and desire. Your dominant personality trait is your ardency. You are dynamic, powerful, strong, sexy, and exciting. Because you’re so intense, you can be very aggressive.

You are a determined and highly competitive person who invests 100% in everything you do.


What’s your Spiritual color?


So that definition pretty much sums me up. I have to disagree with the competitive part though. I may have been when I was younger but definitely not so much now. I want us all to succeed.

Go ahead and take this beautiful test to see what your dominant spiritual color is and see how accurate it might be for you. Feel free to share your results below so we know the other colours too! Share it out with your peeps if you loved it.

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What is your spiritual colour?



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