When Life is Bad-How to Change That Right Now

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There’s a famous inspirational quote that has probably been on the top of my list of favourites since I first saw it. It truly sums up your life. If you think your life is bad, then this quote is for you!

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way you’re right ~ Henry Ford

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Do you fully understand the meaning behind this? It honestly took me awhile to get it. At first it just looked like a bunch of words, another cliché, nothing of great interest to me. I passed it by. Until I saw it again and then again. I stopped to read it. I mean really read it.

We’ll get to the meaning of this message later on in the blog.

This might be a long one. Grab your favourite beverage and let’s get started.

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I’m lost in life

How many times have you said that. You feel lost in life. Just about everything sucks and I mean everything. You haven’t been happy in forever. I totally feel you. I’ve been there. I mean let’s face it, life can throw some pretty mean curve balls every now and then, amirite?

There have been many times where I’ve been curled up in a ball in the corner of the room crying my eyes out and wondering what it’s all for. Many times I’ve whispered to myself through my tears “I’m lost in life” and felt completely hopeless. 

But are you really lost in life? I mean is life really that bad? Let’s ask ourselves a few other questions, and answer them, before we throw in the towel (because that’s just a bad idea anyway).

What is a bad life?

I mean what really constitutes a bad life? No job, no money, no love life, no hope? Does all this mean you have a bad life? Or maybe you’ve been abused your entire life and completely helpless, taken advantage of all the time and being treated poorly.

Or maybe you just make bad decisions and don’t think things through before choosing to do or go somewhere?

What is a bad life? It’s different for everyone. What some people think is chaos and horrible, could be someone else’s normal. It’s all perspective.

Why is this life so unfair?

Now that is a really good question that really has no answers, sort of. Why is this life so unfair? Why do bad things happen to good people? Why do bad people get away with things and good people have to pay the price?

Listen. I totally get all that and it would be so easy for me to sit here and say “well, everything happens for a reason” but then you will want to throw rotten tomatoes at me for saying that…but, it’s true.

Life sometimes throws us things to wake us up, shake us up and teach us things. Oh and let’s not forget that expression “Careful what you wish for”. The Universe has a peculiar sense of humour. Don’t forget that.

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How do I deal with a bad life?

This is why you’re here right now I hope. So I can answer that question for you or do my best anyway. So, how do I deal with a bad life?

Well you won’t be able to deal with it with a bad attitude. That I can guarantee. Attitude is everything and it will make or break you. You can stress out, overreact and make mountains out of molehills OR you can chill out, try to stay calm and look the lesson and the solution. 

Your thoughts become your reality

So let’s get back to that quote from above.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, either way, you’re right. 

The meaning is so much more than just whether you think you can or can’t. It goes much deeper than that. With anything I see or read, I have to analyze it to see how it applies to my life. All areas of my life. This one hit hard, in so many ways.

I get the gist of I can vs I can’t. If I think I can’t do something then I’ve already convinced myself of this. This also applies to times when life is hard. Can I get myself out of this situation no? If I immediately say no I can’t, then it’s decided, I can’t.

But if I can stop and say to myself, “no matter how hard this is or difficult a situation this is, I CAN find a solution and things will be ok” then I already know, things will be ok. I’ve told myself this and I will find a solution. See how that works?

I want you to read the following statements carefully:

If you think your life is hard, it is.

If you think your life is awesome, it is.

If you think you are smart and beautiful you are.

If you think you are dumb and ugly, you are.

If you think you can’t do anything, you won’t.

If you think the world is a horrible place and out to get you, it is.

If you think you’re a failure, you are.

If you think you are magnificent and amazing, you are.

If you think you are successful and abundant, you are.

If you think you are a loser, you are.

If you think you are a winner, you are.

Can you see now how that works? How your thoughts become your reality. Do you get it now?


When we need help with life

First of all, it’s ok to need help with life. Life didn’t come with a manual. No one has a clue how to make it work. We do our best with what we know. But what if you don’t know how to fix life? Like what if we seriously have no effin clue what to do or how to make things work?

“ahem…cue Iva’s blog”

You can go through life feeling sorry for yourself and wondering why bad things happen to you all the time and wallowing in self pity about how your life is bad and it all sucks…


You can start figuring out ways to actually change your life and your attitude towards life so when things go bad, you totally got it! Know what I mean?

The first step in wanting to change your life and all the seemingly horrible things that happen to you and ruin your life is to make the decision that you do need and actually want help!!! Before we carry on even further with this, if you think you need professional help please do contact someone today.

You might like this blog post on how to find a good online therapist or you can click on the image below to speak to someone right now.


Whatever you decide to do, please follow through with it and get help. You are not here to live a life of misery. Please remember that.

I think my life is messed up

If you are thinking that, it probably is. Or maybe it isn’t but you keep telling yourself that so you eventually believe it. If I keep thinking my life is messed up or I’m ugly and stupid, I’ll start believing it even though it’s not true.

How often do you stop and take notes on what you are thinking? How often do you take inventory of your thoughts of the day? You know those days when everything seems to go wrong and you keep saying to yourself, all day, “this is terrible, this day is horrible, my life sucks, nothing is going to go right today…”.

Are you with me here?

It’s so easy to get stuck in a vortex of horrible thoughts when your day is off to a crappy start or if something bad happens at some point throughout the day. Your thoughts go down the drain and so does the rest of your day. Amirite?

If you are having a good day and you are having happy loving joyful thoughts all day, chances are your day will stay great but if it doesn’t and something bad happens midday, because you are already in a happy thought place you’ll be much more effective at handling whatever lemon life just threw at you.

Does that kinda make sense?

But what am I doing wrong in life? Why do bad things always happen?

Ever ask yourself those questions? Ever has those wtf moments where you’re just like “holy sh*t life, like that’s enough”. I had moments like that.

What am I doing wrong in life? Why do bad things always seem to happen to me? Why is this life so unfair?

Lately it seems like my life has been a train wreck. One bad thing after another kept happening. The last bad thing was really bad. Like my entire online business collapsed and I went from making a pretty decent living online to having to beg borrow and steal money to buy food and pay rent.

Ya, it was that bad. I actually had to move out of my house and start house sitting because I couldn’t even afford to pay rent anymore. Why is this happening to me and WHAT THE EFF????

I was an emotional wreck for a month. Total transparency here. I had no idea what I was going to do or how I was going to get myself out of this business disaster. After I was done wallowing in self pity and crying all day every day things became very clear to me.

You’re gonna love this one…sit tight

The Universe had a message for me. And it was loud and clear. I was going down the wrong path in my business so it made me stop and reassess everything. Even my life. Yup. The universe certainly has a twisted sense of humour but I got the message. Loud and clear and I’m glad I did.

I’m happier now in my business, still poor but happy and I know I’m now on the right path.


Change your thoughts, change your life

Every single thought you have has energy attached to it. When you think bad thoughts you feel bad. When you think good thoughts you feel good. That’s energy.

What you put out, you get back. Capiche? What are you putting out (well that came out wrong :o ) ?

Are you still putting out the story of how your life is hard?

Are you putting out how much you love everyone?

Are you putting out how much you hate everyone and the world is a horrible place?

Are you putting out that the world is big and beautiful and good things come to you always?

What’s been the story of your life lately? Your thoughts, your stories are exactly why you are where you are right this very minute….but….you already knew that, right?

Or did you? Did you know that? You are, or should I say your thoughts are, the creator of your life. What kind of life do you want to live? What kind of life are you creating for yourself right now, with your thoughts? (and when is this chick gonna stop asking so many hard questions?!!)

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There’s a lesson in everything

Know what I want you to do right now?

Whether you care or not I’m gonna tell you. First of all, know that I love you and I only want the best for you and your life.

I want you to start keeping track of your thoughts. I want you to start turning all your negative horrible thoughts into good and happy ones. I want you to send out as much mad love as you can muster in a day. I want you to live a life of crazy ridiculous joy but….

….that won’t happen until you change your thoughts.

You have to switch your mentality from “this is hard and hopeless” to “I’m going to be ok and what is this teaching me”. Remember everything in life is temporary. The good and the bad. You can let things go and have faith they will work themselves out OR you can wallow in misery and self pity and keep complaining that life is horrible.

If you choose the latter, the Universe will make sure to keep giving you things to make your life horrible. Nothing changes if nothing changes and that goes for your attitude as well. If you keep having a bad attitude towards life, challenges and everything else, it will all keep being bad and become unbearable for you.

If you start seeing things as blessings and lessons, well guess what? You learn, grow, evolve and you’ll be so much happier. Trust me on that one.

So. Por favor, please start thinking happy thoughts, positive thoughts, loving thoughts.

And watch what happens to your life.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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