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5 Things You Must Change to Make 2020 Your Best Year Ever!

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Ah another year down. A new one on the way. Did we not say at the beginning of 2019 that “this is gonna be our best year ever”? But was it?

No wait. 2020 is definitely gonna be our best year ever. Right? As we reflect on 2019 a few things come to mind…

  • wow what a year
  • did I accomplish what I set out to do?
  • have I grown? learned? made any breakthroughs
  • am I closer to my goal?
  • where did the year go?

Yup, many things go through our minds. The biggest one for me is what lessons can I take from this year to apply next year. I know I need to make changes. Apparently, a lot of them.

This wasn’t a perfect year for me. It certainly wasn’t my best year ever. I suffered great losses, some heart break and many challenges. My mom finally passed away, family members ostracized me for using my voice and I left beautiful Guatemala for another country.

To say 2019 was a tough year for me is an understatement

But….I plan on moving forward into 2020 with my head held high and determination. Tons of determination. There are a few changes I know I need to make and here is my compilation. Maybe some of these might resonate with you.

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5 ways to have your best year everPin


5 Things you need to change to make 2020 the best year ever


Focus on your goals


I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a squirrel. I have shiny object syndrome and have a helluva time focusing on one thing in particular. I’m all over the place. What I’ve discovered is that it serves me no good. At all. I get nothing accomplished and nothing finished.

This year I will use my daily planner and jot things down and knock them off one at a time. (here’s to hoping)


Set Firm Boundary Lines


Oh I talk about this all the time and clearly mine are invisible. They exist only in my mind but they are nowhere to be found. I have got to start saying “no” to the things I know aren’t good for me. I have got to start putting my foot down without feeling guilty.

Boundary lines are hard to keep for one main reason: we want to make people happy and not upset anyone. NO more!! 2020 I will be armed with a thick black magic marker and you will know there is a line. ’nuff said.


Take Action on Your Goals Please!


It’s time to start taking action on the ideas I have and the things I want to do. I talk alot. I talk alot about the things I want to do but never do them. 2020 I will start doing some of these things.

I will take my ideas from my cloud bubble over my head and realize them, manifest them, make them happen.

Fear is big ugly imaginary thing that stops most of us from achieving our goals. Flick fear. Smash goals.


Have faith!


You know, I like to think I have lots of faith. I mean, after all the stuff I’ve been through, you would think that my faith is unwavering. But it still does. Some days I just don’t think I can do it/be it/get through it/handle it. You name it, I have doubts sometimes.

We all do. No matter how much faith we have, there is still a fraction of doubt. It’s time to kick that doubt to the curb, dig deep and ignite our faith. We can do anything!!!


Grudge off.


Ok so I just made up that term but it has a cool kinda ring to it. So what does it mean?

It means let go of people who hurt you. Stop complaining about them and talking crap about them. I’ll admit (again) I’m not perfect and sometimes still catch myself..”you know what that jerk did to me??”.

Ya I gotta knock that off.

Grudges don’t serve any purpose at all other than to leave poison in our soul and hearts. We need to make room for love, happiness, kindness and peace and there will be no room for that if you’re still grudging about someone.

Time to grudge off.


Know that 2020 will be your best year ever!!!


I’ll have to say, 2019 was a pretty good year in other areas of my life. I learned a lot, not only about myself but about technology as well. I grew alot personally and professionally. I still have a long way to go personally but I am excited about my future professionally. There are big things on the horizon!

Will 2020 be my best year ever? I honestly think it will. I am going in with a plan, determination and a winning spirit. What about you?

Peace and Love.

xo iva xo

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