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What is it About You That Turns People On?

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Fun quiz time! Yippee! This was an interesting attraction quiz and though my results kinda surprised me, some of the questions had me even more perplexed!

I took this quiz to find out what they thought it is about me that turns people on. I often think that maybe it’s my smile or my energy. According to this quiz, it’s neither.

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Attraction quiz

I wonder where they come up with some of the questions for these things and also, who makes these things up anyway? I’m happy to report that, thank God, there aren’t a million stupid questions. Sometimes I find quizzes that interest me but there are way too many ridiculous questions so I pass (see what I do for you guys?

My results.

I’m still baffled as to how they came up with this result but I can see how it might be true. I love kissing and I like to think I’m kinda good at it!

Your Kiss

Pucker up hot stuff! You know exactly how to smooch and as soon as you plant one on your lover, they are instantly turned on! You know how important kissing is and have mastered the art of lip locking. Keep it up hot stuff!

Ya I dunno.

Your turn

Go ahead and take this attraction quiz and if you feel comfortable, drop your results below so I can see what some of the other things were. Curious minds want to know.

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  1. This time, sorry to say that i disagree. My voice is rough, tough like roaring thunder. There is no sweetness in my voice at all. I can’t try to soften it just to sound sexy. My voice is natural sounds like a man’s voice.

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