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Birthday Quiz Reveals A Lot About Your Personality

Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

Oh fun quiz time. I found this birthday quiz and I’m all over anything that has to do with numbers, numerology, astrology and such. This one had me really excited and I was even more excited when I realized there weren’t a million questions to answer.

I was also a little skeptical when it didn’t actually ask me for my exact date of birth.

How then will you know what my birthdate says about me if you don’t even know what it is?

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Birthday quiz

Well it seems I was skeptical for good reason. After answering a handful of questions it was time for the big reveal and WHAT a disappointment it was!! This, by far, is the first quiz I have ever done that got the results so terribly wrong. Here’s what it said about me:

Cautious and calculated

You are a very cautious and serious person. You always think before you act and you try to handle things on your own.
Life can be hard when you are this intense. For your own good, you should try to open up to someone close, ask for help from time to time, and just try to relax. It will do you wonders!

No no no and just no!!!

So you’re probably wondering now, if the results were so wrong why am I even bothering to share this birthday quiz with you. Well, because I really want to know if they got the results right for anyone and maybe it’s just me they messed up on? I dunno.

Go ahead and take the quiz. It’ll take you all of 10 seconds maybe and drop your results below and let me know if yours were more accurate than mine. I really wanna know!!

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  1. Mine came out somewhat accurate. It claims I’m dedicated and caring to my family, which I am. But it just seems like a generic answer that most people would agree to.

  2. Hi Iva. I love these kinds of quizzes but this outcome was nothing like the person I am, nor do I have the traits & faults I am supposed to. A bit rubbish. Ta, Nancy.

    1. Ya some of them really are rubbish but I wonder if they are more accurate for some than others. xoxo

  3. Independent & Resourceful so far so good

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