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Is Your Zodiac Sign Your True Sign?

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Ok so not only am I a quiz junkie I also happen to be a bit of an astrology freak as well. I used to check my horoscope daily, sometimes twice a day but I’ve got that addiction curbed and am now down to once a week.

Every Sunday evening and at the start of a new month. Seriously, it was out of control. So of course when I saw this zodiac sign test I had to do it and then share it with you guys.

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Zodiac Sign Test

So I am a Libra, through and through, but every now and then, and I don’t know if this happens with you, but another sign from the zodiac comes out of my mouth! It makes me stop and go “whoa where’d that come from?”. Regardless of those random outbursts, I am definitely a Libra. And though I still do admire some of the finer things of life, I’ve actually become a bit of a minimalist.
Here are my results:

Your true zodiac sign is Libra

Your star sign is a very accurate and detailed representation of your personality. If you regularly consult a trusted horoscope, you’ve probably realized that many of the predictions for your sign play out in your life. 

Which sign do you secretly wish you had? Any freaky astrological coincidences happen to you lately? Tell us about them in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this quiz with a friend!

Yay! I knew it!

Your turn.

Tell us what your sign is and take this accurate zodiac sign test. Do you secretly wish you were another sign? I never have. I absolutely love being a Libra but I gotta admit, our indecisiveness can sometimes even drive me crazy! :o Take the test and drop your results below. If you liked this quiz, head on over to my quiz page and take some more!!

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