What is Your Subconscious Hiding?

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This is the king of all quizzes! The subconscious emotions quiz. I loved the questions and the images and everything about it. You should know by now I am a quiz junkie. Honestly, if I must confess one thing, I could spend hours doing two things: taking quizzes and watching Horoscope videos on YouTube (don’t judge).

So let’s find out what emotion your subconscious is hiding.

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I think, in general, we do like to hide some of our emotions for fear of being too vulnerable. I think oftentimes we want people to see as someone totally different than who we really are.

If we’re scared, we show bravery instead. If we’re sad, we show fake happiness.

My results from the emotions quiz

I think we are jumbled up fleshy beings filled with crazy emotions that we are always hiding. Nothing wrong with it. Why should we show all our emotions anyway? There needs to be a level of privacy, no? We don’t need to be completely open and vulnerable. I don’t think that’s necessary anyway.

The results were great! According to this beautiful subconscious quiz I am hiding


Your subconscious is hiding wanderlust! The Tarot reveals that you have a deep impulse to travel, explore, experience new things and meet new people. You may be going on a trip soon, moving, or starting a new job, relationship or adventure.

Put simply, the Tarot reveals a lot of movement and change in your life. If you don’t see it yet, hold on because it’s on its way! If you can afford it, take a trip as soon as possible! If money’s tight, try a new bar, hobby, or style. Also, don’t hesitate to make friends with someone completely new.

You’re subconsciously craving new and exciting experiences; trust yourself and enjoy the crazy characters you meet along the way!

The power of the subconscious mind

Our minds are a powerful tool, amirite? We are so good at hiding things, expressing things, feeling things and also really good at ignoring things. Things like emotions. Feelings. Truths.

The power of the subconscious mind continuously blows my mind, pardon the pun. We are such deep feeling creatures and we store away so many thoughts and feelings it’s crazy. If we take time to be silent and listen, we can learn so much about ourselves.

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Take the emotions quiz now to find out which one is hiding

Go ahead and take this beautiful subconscious quiz to find out what emotion your subconscious is hiding! Let me know in the comments below how accurate it was for you. It totally was spot on for me. If you liked this quiz, you might like these ones too!!
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