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96% of Millennials Failed This Spelling Quiz-Find Out Why

Last Updated on 2 years by Iva Ursano

Weeee fun quiz time!! This one was great!! Though I do have a small confession to make, I’m not a millennial but I had to try out this spelling quiz and see what the words were and if I could spell them. They do also gear this test to Americans as some of the questions relate to America but don’t let that stop you! It didn’t stop me and I took the damn test!

I got another confession to make. I honestly had no idea what the millennial generation was. Mm hmm. I had to Google that.

My results of the spelling quiz

So my results really shocked me for the simple fact that I honestly had to just guess at the spelling of some words and I know for a fact I clicked one answer and then immediately said “Ooops!” because I knew it was wrong. I just clicked too fast!

So this is what it said for me…

Congratulations!! You got a perfect score in the “Comprehensive Spelling Test”. Recent research shows that phenomenal language skills indicate social-boldness, tough-mindedness, and self-assurance. You must be remarkably talented because 96% of American millennials cannot get more than 25/44 correctly.

Now with those results I know without a doubt that this test is ridiculously inaccurate but honestly, take it anyway just to personally test your spelling. There really are great words here that make you think.

I think we all need to take little tests like these, little brain tests, to make our minds work, make us think differently than we normally do and give our noggens some exercise!!

Your turn

Time to go ahead and have some fun! No googling the answers either! Drop your results down below if you wish to share! I’d be curious to see what others get. If you like this quiz you will love this one too! 

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  1. Thanks for doing this. I need to be articulate for my job so use of the language, spelling, grammer, syntax…important.

  2. i hesitated doing the quiz mainly due to grammar mistakes and poor attention to detail… before even seeing the quiz!
    i scored 100.
    you’re right, most can’t spell these words or even know what the words mean. is it the issue the millenials or those teaching them?

  3. Being that I am retired, I do not use some of these words a lot, so these things seem to slip away. I have always enjoyed spelling, so a little challenge was refreshing. Especially when I can score 100%. Thanks for the entertainment, Iva.

  4. Wow. I thought I would get a few wrong (especially that who/whom question) but I got 100%. Though I’m not a millennial (born in ’81).

  5. I found this article by searching for sites that teach grammar.


    I’m in my late teens, and I apparently got a “perfect” score; however, I’ve noticed that most of the millennial demographic can correctly spell these words. This observation, however, comes only from my experiences.

  6. I’m in generation z, speak hebrew, and didn’t know half of the words and got an A+.
    It was easy because there are only two options so you use logic.

  7. Easy when you are in your octogenarian year and, as an Australian schoolchild, was taught to use and spell the King’s, and after 1953, the Queen’s English plus our own Australian lingo. Thank God reading, spelling, writing and comprehension was the basis of education in my days and still enables me to totally master these brain teasers. I love them.

  8. I achieved 100%. When I was a child, I was an average speller, but years of university studies taught me to spell correctly, or you lost marks, and in the earlier days there was no spellcheck.

  9. It said I scored 100% and I’m surprised. Spelling is has always been my strongest subject. I was taught by phonics and not memorization, which I know was a popular teaching method in the 60s and 70s. My mother was a 2nd and 3rd grade teacher so she made sure I was in a class with a teacher who taught phonics. The people I know who were taught by memorization, including my husband, have trouble spelling a lot common words. Fortunately, the teachers have gone back to teaching phonetics, just in time to have it all undone by spell-check and auto-correct. Sad but true. Lol.

  10. I thought I got one wrong, but I got a perfect score. I swear people nowadays that write articles can’t spell worth a damn. I get irritated when people write “Tonight our team is going to loose” instead of lose.

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