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Which Magical Being Are You?

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Well, this will go down in the history books as the craziest most bizarre online quiz I have ever taken in my life BUT, I also have to say that the magical tone to it was kinda fun. Wondering which of the mythical creatures I might be had me answering the questions as fast as I could!

Tell me I’m a fairy…hurry!!!

The questions made you think you were in some sort of midevil time or fairy tale. There are only 10 questions, really odd questions, so the quiz won’t take long to get through. Some of the questions may stump you though.

I don’t remember which one it was but I was scratching my head trying to answer it. I was like……..um. what? So keep in mind, this isn’t like a spirit animal test. This is something a wee less serious, a tad silly, but just fun.

So, weird, but fun. Some of the mythical creatures are elves, mermaids, alicorns (whatever the heck that is!), nymphs, fairies, dragons and many others. I gotta admit, I’ve always wanted to be a fairy. Which one have you always fantasized about being?

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Which one of the mythical creatures are you?

So after answering all 10 questions as best I possibly could, this is which one of the mythical creatures I am. I’ll take it!


You are a bubbly and bright mermaid! You love to have fun with your friends and explore things no one has ever seen before. You’re silly and pretty so merman are attracted to you like sea magnet!

Don’t be shy when it comes to going beyond the boundaries of exploration, you’re a natural! Creativity is just what you do, from designing clothes to sketching something awesome. Just be you!

Yay I’m a Mermaid!! Ok well not really but imagine the fun it would be to actually be one of the mythical creatures? Oh!! Lost in a world of fantasy, make-believe, dragons and elves. It would simply be magical, no?

Your turn to find out which mythical creature you are!

Have fun with this online quiz and don’t forget it truly is all in good fun. Don’t get too serious! Answer the silly questions, step into a magical and fantasy world and find out which one you are.

If you feel comfortable, drop your results below so we all know!!

If you liked this quiz, and I’m sure you did, don’t forget to head on over to my quiz page to take a few more while you’re here.

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