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10 Examples of Positive Self Talk You Should Use Daily

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You know, I’m a firm believer in talking to yourself. Me, myself and I have brilliant conversations all day long. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I talk to other people a lot throughout my day too but I really enjoy talking to myself. Today I want to share some examples of positive self talk that you can implement right away to change your life.

I never use to have positive self talk. My inner talk used to be all negative. I had a hard time trying to say nice things to myself. I didn’t even realize that my words had power, great power, until a few years ago to be honest.

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These days, most of my *in person* conversations go something like this:

  • where did I put my keys?
  • am I losing my mind?
  • do these jeans make my butt look fat?
  • why don’t my cookies look like the picture on Pinterest?

But honestly, my favourite conversations with myself usually go something like this:

  • your hair looks awesome today (it’s always about the hair)
  • my God I’m beautiful
  • I sure love my life
  • I am in such a ridiculously good mood today.

Yup those are my favourite ones. These positive self talk examples should be used by everybody.

My self talk wasn’t always so positive

Me, myself and I really are best friends. We weren’t always though. Up until about 6 years ago, myself and I fought all the time. It was hell. Really.

Sometimes me and myself and I would get into some juicy arguments too. The struggle was real. Yup, for most of my life, the three of us could barely stand each other.

But about 6 years ago, we went on a major road trip. Myself resisted a bit because she knew what was coming. Me was a little apprehensive but willing nonetheless and I was very eager to take this trip.

Me, myself and I went on a road trip of a lifetime, literally, and came back with empty suitcases. Yup.

We dumped all our emotional trash. We had a bonfire and burned it all. We roasted marshmallows and drank tequila. We were free.

We had to learn how to stop our negative talk

We learned how to not only deal with and get rid of the past and all the triggers, but we also learned how to have effective conversations among ourselves, our self talk, that would end on a positive note.

Yup. We had to learn all that and let me tell ya, that was hard to do. We had to reverse all the damage that was done when we were 13 years old. We had to forgive and release the trauma from between the ages of 25-45 (now that was really hard) and we had to protect ourselves from ugly green monsters.

We had to learn not only the power of positive self talk but we had to train ourselves on how to do it more and how to utilize it more.

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How did we learn all this new stuff?

Through forgiveness and changing our conversations.

We went from

  • “My God you’re stupid” toAwe that’s ok, we’ll do better next time!” and,
  • “Omg you aren’t as pretty as you think, look at how bad your skin is” to “You get more beautiful every day”.

It takes practice. It takes a lot of self awareness to realize your talk is negative and you have to switch it immediately. Sometimes it’s even hard to come up with positive things to say instead of the negative things.

This is why I wrote this. To help you with this and give you some positive self talk examples that maybe you never thought of!

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10 Examples of Positive Self Talk

So while you’re trying to retrain your brain to say only positive things, which I might add, is hella hard and can be somewhat frustrating, here are 10 more things you should tell yourself daily.

It’s so important to switch off the negative self talk, shut it up, and start saying only positive things.

Now look, don’t get me wrong. I know life isn’t all rainbows, lollipops and unicorns. Sometimes life throws us some really crappy things. But the way you talk to yourself while you’re going through it will make or break you.

1 I’m gonna be ok 

This may sound kind of lame at first but when you think about the times you stress for nothing, really, and continually say “Oh this is bad” or “Oh damn, we’re doomed” or whatever you’ll realize that you probably say that more than you think.

Start saying “It’s ok. Everything will be ok. Don’t worry. Take a deep breath and chill out.”

Really. Start saying those things lots. All the time. The power of positive thinking in this time will save you from a ton of grief

2 I can do this

Fear is a son of a gun. He’ll stop you dead in your tracks all the time. He comes up with some really stupid excuses all the time. He thinks you’re stupid, but you’re not.

It’s time to tell fear to take a hike and start telling yourself that you can do this. “I got this. I can deal with this. I can handle this no problem!” Give that ego of yours a big boost.

3 I am fearless

So take the positive affirmation from above and add to it. Not only can I do this but also I am fearless. Now while this may seem hard to say at first because you really are scared out of your tree, if you say this and take deep breaths at the same time, you’ll start feel better and believe it.

I don’t think anyone is 100% fearless but you also don’t want fear to control your life. We will never be completely free of fear, but we can learn how to handle fear better.

4 I am perfect just the way I am

Ok, I know that none of us are perfect, but man, do we need to beat ourselves up so badly all the time? Hell no.

There is nothing wrong with you. Each and every little thing about you is unique to you so how can it be anything but perfect? It’s perfectly you. Embrace every ounce of you.

I love this quote by Dr Seuss:

“Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive, who is youer than you.”

5 I love me

Like, look at yourself in the mirror daily and say “I love you!!”

How often do you do this? How many times do you either look at yourself in the mirror and say this or just randomly be walking through a room and tell yourself “I love you”?

I’m gonna guess you don’t do it hardly enough. Tell yourself this daily, many times. All the time. Sing it, shout it, whisper it, however you want to do it (mind you, singing it is really fun!), just do it.

The powerful effect this has is mindblowing. Trust me on that one.

If you struggle with self love, you might really like this mini self help eBook from my You Are Amazing mini series. Click on the link or the image below to grab your copy now.

How to Love Yourself

6 I’m good enough

Yes, yes you are. You are good enough just as you are. If you want to improve your life it’s up to you to do that when and if you’re ready but don’t let anyone tell you that you are no good and you need to change.

You have to realize that all your thoughts and actions up to this point led you to where you are right now. This doesn’t make you a loser or stupid or not enough. You did what you did with what you knew. There’s nothing wrong with at all.

7 I am not a failure

I think this is my least favourite ‘f’ word. Failure. Ugh. NO one is a failure. No one has failed at anything ever. Like point 6 above, you did the best you could with what you knew.

At least you tried.

Pride yourself for at least trying. Pride yourself for doing the best you could. Pride yourself on how far you’ve come and remember this is not the end for you!! Go you!!!

8 I am amazing

Like everyone needs to be using this positive self talk example a million times a day because it’s true. YOU ARE AMAZING!!! (by the way don’t forget to check out my ebook store of the same name!)

You are unique and magnificent and amazing and awesome and so much more! Did you know there is no one else on this planet who is as amazing as you are?

Just, wow!!!!

9 I deserve great things

Yup you sure do. Great things, great love, great abundance, great happiness, you get the idea. You deserve all great things.

Just because you never had great things before doesn’t mean that they will never come to you. Start believing that good things are coming your way, make way for them and watch them roll in.

10 It doesn’t matter what people think of me 

Ever never ever it doesn’t ever matter what anyone thinks of you. So many of us are looking for validation and acceptance from others. I used to do that too.

But why do we do that? Because we don’t think highly enough of ourselves. Time to stop that nonsense and stop seeking approval. Remember, you are enough, you are amazing and what other people think of you doesn’t matter.

You might really like this article I recently wrote. It’s always top spot on Google too!!

11 Peculiar Reasons Why No One Likes You

The importance of positive self talk

Most of our negative self talk comes from our childhood or toxic relationships where we may have been the victims of mental and emotional abuse. Remember one very important thing. You are not your past. You are no longer who you thought you were because so many people plugged negative thoughts in to your head.

You’re not that person anymore.

You’ve been beating yourself up for the last how many years now and look where that got you.

Try and start using more of these positive self talk examples and watch what happens. The importance of positive self talk goes beyond anything I can explain better than I did in this article.

You have to remember, always, that when you talk to yourself, guess what? You are the only one listening. Make the conversation a lovely one. Every time. The power of positive self talk will blow your mind. Trust me.

Peace and Love

xo iva xo

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  1. Thank YOU 🙏🏼 for making my 🔆day beautiful 💕🦋🌈✨🥀💫♥️

  2. This sounds like what I need. Been in a funk since 2019 when ui lost my son. Then my mom 2019. Its been rough trying to get back to the person I was.

    1. Oh I’m so sorry for your losses Julie xoxo. You may not go back to the person you once were but the newer version of you is waiting for you.

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