Life Path-Answer These 15 Questions to Reveal Yours

Do you ever wonder what your life path is or should be? Do you have an idea and wonder if you’re on the right track? I think sometimes when we think we’re on the right path something big, like a boulder, gets thrown in your way and suddenly you don’t feel like you’re going in the right direction. Ever get that feeling?

So this great 15 question test to help you discover your life path was really interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to admit I did have a hard time answering some of the questions as the none of the answers really applied to me so I found the closest one.

Turns out my life path is…

I’m an Explorer. That kind of really doesn’t surprise me. Here’s the definition:

Your life path is set for a bumpy ride and the ultimate adventure. You were born with the gift of exploring and your life purpose is to search, travel and discover every corner of this planet. You feel alive when you travel and you need a job that takes you across the world. Sitting still drives you nuts and you are a wanderlust spirit who must be absorbing new information every day. You have no idea where you are going but that is how you must live your life. Your soul needs new information constantly and the only way to satisfy this need is through constant exploration.

Your turn…

Go ahead and answering these 15 questions to find out what your life path is and drop the results in the thread below! I’d like to see what the other life paths are. If you like this quiz, you might also like this one too!!

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