6 Things You Can Do Today To Have a Happier Life!

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We get up, feed ourselves and our family, get everyone ready for work/school, rush off to our own jobs, come home, get dinner ready, watch TV, get everyone back to bed. Sleep, rinse and repeat. But wait. I have something exciting for you. I’m gonna share with you 6 things you must do daily for a happier life.

More on that in a sec…..

So did that routine sound familiar? Have you fallen into this daily schedule? Does this sound a little like your life? Monotonous, boring, comfortable with no change in sight. Are there things you think you should be doing but keep forgetting, or claim “you don’t have time” to do that?

You’re not alone. Many of us, myself at one time, live like this. Robotic almost. Mundane. Just existing and not really living.

There are a few things you can do today to change that. The changes will be painless and mostly fun. They will be easy and effortless. And, best of all, they will make a huge impact.

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From Hell to Happiness


Happiness is…..

Well happiness means a lot of different things to everyone. Some people are simply happy to be alive. Others are happy when they are with their children. Happiness is a state of mind and a feeling in your heart. 

But not everyone has happiness in their lives. 

People are always wondering how to find happiness but the truth of the matter is, it’s up to you to find it. We can’t chase it. We have to find things and do things that bring us true joy and fill our hearts. 

We get to choose how we feel. We can either feel happy or be miserable. It’s up to you!

6 tips to a happier life

Happier Life Tips!

Get outside!

Take at least 5 minutes to go sit outside with no electronic devices. Go watch some birds fly around. Feel the warm breeze on your skin. Let the sun kiss the tip of your nose.Listen to the sound of children laughing and playing in the park.

Be alone and one with the outside world. Let it clear your mind and re-energize your soul. Easy, effortless and the results are amazing.

Smile more!

Why don’t we do this more? Smile. When we are at the grocery store or in a line up at the bank, why don’t we smile at the stranger beside us? Too many of us have our heads down and are completely absorbed in our cell phones. Keep it in your pocket or purse for just a few minutes and take time to look up and smile at people.

The most amazing thing happens when you do that. They smile back. It’s a win win and two people are on the path to a happier life! Yay!

Try something new!

Anything! A new food at your favourite local deli. A new route home from work. A new park to sit and meditate in. And speaking of meditating, if you haven’t done that yet, try it. Instead of reading books at home, go to your library.

Do something new and totally outside your comfort zone. It will give you a refreshing break from the ho-hum routine you’ve slipped in. And you just may make new friends. What fun!

Help a stranger.

You know that homeless guy you always walk past downtown and snub your nose at, maybe buy him a coffee or a bottle of water. What about that old lady that lives alone next door. Maybe she is a little cranky but maybe it’s just because she’s scared and old and alone and crankiness is her way of expressing her fear.

Pick her some flowers or something! There are a billion trillion ways to help strangers. Find one. The end result? Your heart will explode and you will have a happier life!


6 tips to a happier life

Think and chill first.

In other words, before you go off in a fit of rage over something really silly, take a big deep breath, remind yourself how little it is and chill out. Too often we get worked up over nothing and the end result is we’ve ruined our entire day.

Don’t do that anymore. It’s not worth it. Breathe in and breathe out. Practice doing this. It will save you from hours of stress, anger and toxic emotions. Remember you are here to live a life of joy, not stress, frustration and anxiety and sometimes all you need to do is chill out to achieve that place of peace and happiness.

Less TV more people or peace.

Turn that idiot box off and either take time to be with you or with friends and family. I am a huge advocate of NO TV. I haven’t owned one in almost 4 years now and I don’t miss it one bit. I get so much stuff done without it, I’m not exposed to mindless and senseless drama and negativity and I’m not a couch zombie.

There will be plenty of time to flat line when you are dead. Turn the TV off and go live now. Go explore the world, meet new people, learn new skills. My God the possibilities are endless. Go volunteer at an organization that speaks to your heart.

How to have a happier life

These may sound like really simple, almost ineffective things to do, but trust me, they pack a powerful punch. Just in making these small changes in your life you will quickly start to notice how life opens new doors and how much lighter you feel and how you will be closer to a happier life.

Trust me on this one.

If it all seems a wee overwhelming, take one little thing at a time and start incorporating the next one and then the next one. They say it takes 21 days to form a new habit. Start now!

Hey is that a chipmunk looking for nuts?

Peace and Love


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