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5 Questions To Answer About Yourself (if you want to be happy!)

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Seems we whiz through life with blinders on. Get up, go to work, come home, TV, back to bed, rinse and repeat. Sound like you? Life doesn’t have to be like this though. If you aren’t happy in life right now and feel stuck and miserable, here are 5 questions to answer about yourself that will help you get more clarity in life.

My life in a tiny nutshell

I had a life but it was boring as hell and I yearned for more. I desperately longed for more and I knew in my heart of hearts there WAS more. Somewhere out there, there was more. It was up to me to find it.

I hated my life. I was used and abused by people who claimed to love me, I was always struggling financially, I had no self respect or self confidence-my life was a train wreck!

I had to sit down one day alone and face myself. I had to ask myself some questions about life that were scary to answer but I knew it was time.

And after I asked and answered, my entire life changed beyond my wildest dreams!

Questions to answer about yourself

Listen, I know many of you are unhappy, stuck, frustrated, depressed and plain miserable. I so get it. I was there. I also know many of you have taken some time to sit down and think about some questions to answer about yourself, the main one being “who the heck am I anyway”?

When we ask ourselves questions ironically enough, most of us already know the answers. We are just afraid of them because they require changing something in us we simply aren’t prepared to do just yet.

I get that many of us are in jobs we really don’t like but we have to pay the bills, right? I also get that many of us are in relationships that no longer offer any sort of fulfillment. So many of us just feel stuck (there’s that word again), miserable, frustrated or unhappy.

How many of you are sitting in your comfy recliner looking out the window with  a nice cup of tea, ok or a glass filled with wine, and wondering to yourself “is there more?”. Well there certainly is.  To find it is certainly not for the faint of heart.

If you are thinking to yourself that life has more to offer, here are some questions to answer about yourself that will help you see clearly and may be the catalyst for change. These life questions just may help you get ready for a new and exciting life.

One filled with happiness, adventure, love and joy.

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What kind of life are you living?

We’re just existing. So many of us are just taking in oxygen and living day by day. But what kind of life is that? That’s not what you’re here for. You’re not here just to exist and go through the motions and if that’s what’s happening to you now you need to stop.

You have to remember this is the only life you have. We get one shot of this thing called life. Don’t you want more from it? Don’t you want it be a fun ride?

So many questions but right now we are going to go over 5 of the most important questions to answer about yourself so you can start making some changes and be happy!!

5 Questions to answer about yourself

These questions to answer about yourself are true game changers. It’s important you sit down and answer them honestly though, even though the answers may scare you. This is your one true precious life. Don’t you want something more than what you are living now?

Of course you do!

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Am I happy enough right now?

By right now and by happy enough I mean,  with your work, your relationships, yourself, your surroundings. When you stop and take stock of everything in your life right now, are you happy? Is there room for improvement? Can something go to make room for more goodness in your life?

Don’t be afraid to take inventory to see what’s ok and what’s gotta go. This is my favourite life question. We’re too busy making others happy. What about you?

Am I doing enough? 

Enough for yourself. Can you dream bigger, can you take more chances, are you giving back to the world and the community and people? Can you do more for the people around you or maybe even your local homeless shelter?

Is travel on your mind? Maybe some ziplining adventures? Are you doing enough in your life for you and the people around you?

Am I ever going to realize this dream? 

You have a dream inside of you that is slowly dying. Every now and then you bring it to the surface, look at it, pet it and put it back in the depths of your soul and your heart. You long to live it but………….but what? Why haven’t you? What are you afraid of? Life? Living? Failure? Success? Just do it, whatever it is that you want to do, go do it.

What am I missing? 

What ARE you missing? Thrills, adventures, love, freedom, peace, joy, happiness any or all of the above? Did you know that all that wants you too? Is there a place you want to go see, a car you really want to drive, a picture you want to paint? Is there an anxiety, a tugging in your heart that is saying “Hey come on, let’s do this!!”?

Could I do this? 

Do you desperately want to leave a job, spouse, friendship, whatever, but are really unsure? You’re not sure if you can make it on your own. You’re not sure if you have the guts to leave. You’re just scared of leaving and scared of life after you leave.

So many unknowns. So much fear. So much overwhelm. So many thought provoking life questions!!

You can:

  • do
  • be
  • have

whatever you want. Really. The only thing standing in your way of a dream life is you. Sorry, yes I said it. YOU are in your own way. Your fears will stop you every time!

Life changing questions to ask

When was the last time you stopped and took inventory of your life and asked yourself these life changing questions?

You know, this is the only life you have here. One chance. That’s it that’s all. How do you want to live it? In fear, sadness, in a comfort zone and full of “I wish”es or one of ridiculous joy, because when it comes right down to it, that’s what we’re all here for anyway. A life of ridiculous joy. Go live it.

Who’s up for ziplining this weekend?

Peace and Love


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