How to Spread Kindness and Love-5 Reasons Why You Should

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I love love. Just saying the word fills my heart with lovey goodness. I love life, and things and people and just every living thing. And with all that gushy love stuff, today I want to talk about why we should be spreading love and kindness to more people and how to spread kindness.

I didn’t always have so much love in my heart. I’m glad I do now though. There used to be a time when I spewed hate and hurtful things to people, about people. Day in and day out. I mean, not all the time, but a lot of the time.

There used to be a time when I wasn’t a very nice person (imagine that) and then I ended up single and alone, doing major self discovery and having a totally new purpose and passion in life.

My new mission was to make people feel good about themselves and make sure I always leave them smiling. Ironically enough, not everyone loves that happy smiley person. Ah well, can’t please them all. I discovered when you love someone the right way, they become a better person.

People like to feel loved. No matter what.

When we love people they act differently

Ok I get not everyone does (acts differently) but the majority do. And when I talk about why we should love people and spread love and kindness around the world every day all day I know this isn’t easy for everyone to do. Some of us have been hurt really horribly by people who claimed to love us.

Look, I totally get that. Trust me, I do.

But hear me out a minute on this one. When we love people in general, you know, the neighbour, the cashier at Walmart, the barista at Starbucks, your child’s teacher, etc, people, all people, it makes them feel loved, wanted, appreciated and special AND it makes them have a happy day and we all want to have a happy day! Right?

When we spread more love and kindness, we feel hopeful and happy. And that’s the bottom line really. Is to feel happy and have more hope for mankind.

5 Reasons to Spread Love and Kindness

In no particular order of importance, here are my 5 reasons you need to spread love and kindness around the world, every day. Right below this I’m gonna share how to spread kindness and love so stick around til the end.

1 There’s too much negative stuff going on

People are getting divorces, cancer and other diseases are spreading, mass shootings are more common now then ever. People are hating on people all over. There is just so much negative stuff going on in the world and all the world desperately needs is love. Lots of it. Remember, our children see this and they are our future. The future of the world

2 So many sad people today 

Everywhere. There are sad people everywhere, all around us. At our work, at the grocery store, in our neighbourhood, even in our own homes. People are sad (and for the sake of this blog, I don’t mean depressed where they are under a doctor’s care or anything like that. I don’t know enough about that to blog about it) and more people turn to alcohol and other substances to control their sadness.

The only drug they need is love. Love someone now.


3 Love heals wounds 

Yes it does. Love heals broken hearts, and other booboos. Try healing something with hate or hurtful words. It won’t heal. It will actually hurt even more. It’s a healing energy. Go and spend some time with someone who is hurting and give them nothing but love.

You will see they will bounce back faster and sooner than if they had no one healing them with them tenderness. Try it.

4 Release anger and hate

Here’s the tricky one. You know that person who did you wrong? The one who broke your heart, talked bad about, stole your parking spot _________ (insert other hurtful stuff here) Ya, that person. Just send them love. Daily, continuously, silently, yell at over the rooftops if you want.

You can go on and on and on about how they did you wrong and keep all that toxic energy alive, but, why would you want to? Free them and yourself.

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5 Love speeds up forgiveness

Whether you want to talk about it or not, forgiveness is a very important part of releasing a toxic person from your life and I mean that person from #5. We have all been hurt by someone at some point in our lives. Please don’t hang on to that anger and resentment. Why do we do that?

Let it go, forgive, release, and move on. Anger and resentment only hurts you, not the person who you hurt you. Get that? Forgive, send love. Please. Do it for you. Do it for the world.

How to spread kindness

Here are just a few tips and ideas for you so you know how to spread kindness and be a kindness magnet too!.

It’s not rocket science to do nice things for people. Below are some simple ways to be more kind to others, especially strangers

  • hold the door open for someone
  • tell someone they look pretty/beautiful/handsome
  • buy a stranger a coffee
  • pay for someone’s order at a drive through
  • visit a lonely senior in a nursing home
  • sit with a homeless person and talk
  • bring a homeless person a meal and talk with them
  • offer to take a single mom’s kids to the movies/park/whatever
  • volunteer
  • compliment a stranger

Clearly you can see that kindness is pretty much free (or can be) and doing any of these little things will make a world of difference in someone’s day. Be that person who makes a stranger smile today

Love is already inside of you. Spread it around. All you need is in you right now and it’s in you to give. Please give out more of it.

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Peace and Love


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