This Impulse Test Will Reveal Your Greatest Inner Strength.

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Wow! Well this was creepily accurate! I’m not very good at having to hurry up and pick things without thinking, which is what this test makes you do. As a Libra, I need days, weeks, even months to decide anything. This impulse test had me quick on my toes.

The test wants you to hurry up and pick an image or answer. Like really quick. I want to stop and look at all the pretty things but you gotta move fast here. I moved as fast as I could!!

The impulse test result

So after hurrying as fast as I could my results actually surprised me. My greatest inner strength is Courage:

Your greatest inner strength is courage. You may not feel brave all of the time or even most of the time, but you will always do what you need to do to keep moving forward and get done what needs to get done.

You are much stronger than you think and maybe even stronger than the people around your perceive, so continue to have faith in yourself because you’re doing great.

I never used to have much courage but in the last couple of years or so, it just kinda came out of nowhere and I’m totally loving the new me.

Your turn to find out what your greatest strength is

Go ahead and take this fun and sort of stressful test to find out what your greatest inner strength is. What do you think your greatest inner strength and then compare it to the results of this impulse test. Share in the comments below if you’re comfortable enough to do that. If you liked this test you might also like this one!

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  1. My family is ALWAYS telling me I do/give too much to others. I have always been this way. If I see someone is need I naturally want to help, even if it is just holding a door open or returning something I saw someone lose. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to be kind. I like how it makes me feel when I have helped someone.

    1. Precisely. I love helping and giving to those in need. What is amazing is that I don’t really like to be given.

  2. I feel immense pleasure in helping others I would go out of my way to help anyone who is in need of help.

  3. Mine,was courage I aways feel as if I’m going to have to defend all that exists meaning everything that produces energy it sounds crazy i know but I’ve always been waiting for the great fight in this life time or after.god speed.thanks

  4. Yes charisma is my chi, but it creates a lot of jealousy, my charisma together with my humble & modest nature deems me alone for the most part, because I’m often jealoused and, or taken for granted. Yet I’m happier than most, because my joy comes from god and not people. So my heart is overflowing with love and kindness. I focus only on the beauty of life and God’s grace.

  5. Yeah I love being around people, helping and caring for others. Let God give me the same strength to continue further.

  6. yup its true felt few bads things that destroy my peace but yet theirs always something that helps to move forward : courage

  7. ‘Compassion’ in every aspect of life, that’s the motto!

  8. I’ve discovered that I’m an empath. And being so connects me to the emotions of others. It’s always in my heart to help others. I’m always repping the underdog and taking up for those who are weak or scared. I can’t stand bullying of any kind. I always wanna build others up and cheer them on. But I’m also very honest and blunt so many don’t know how to take me. But I am a warm-hearted individual who strives on helping others. I loved this little quiz bc it hit the nail on the head!!

    1. You sound like my kinda peep!! :) thanx for taking the quiz and sharing your thoughts.

      1. This was accurate. I’m a support worker for adults with learning disabilities but have always been empathic and nurturing. Even at high school, even though I was skilled in other subjects, I knew I would care for either people or animals. I studied nursery nursing in college. I’ve been doing my job for 27 years.

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