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This Abstract Image Test Will Reveal Your True Personality

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Fun quiz time again. Apparently this abstract image test will reveal your true personality and after answering all the questions as honestly as I can, turns out I am passionate and full of zest. Go figure.

Now I get that we don’t need to take image tests on the internet to determine our true personality. We know who we are. Don’t we? I really only take them and share them with you for entertainment purposes. That, and I’m a bit of a curious creature. These things intrigue me, and they’re fun.

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Image tests are just fun, amirite?

I’m easily amused as you know, and these image tests always catch my eye. I could spend a whole day just doing quizzes. Who am I, what will I be when I grow up, who is my perfect match? Well you know I need an image test to answer all those questions for me! Haha. Anyway you have a go and let me know in the comments below.

My results

Passionate and Full of Zest

Based on your associations with the abstract, you are a dramatic, creative, self-confident person. You are hungry for life and love having a good time with people always around you.

You love challenges and using your mind to solve the most difficult problems or using your strong arguing skills to get yourself out of tricky situations. Sometimes you can get consumed by your own ego and ignore the needs of others, but most of the time you have too many friends because you are so generous and loyal.

Arrogance and laziness are flaws that you can sometimes exhibit, but when you are set on achieving something, and passionate about what you are doing, you will stop at nothing to succeed.

You are sincere and expressive with your heart and love communicating how you feel to those you mean the most to you. Your zest and energy is contagious.

What’s your true personality?

Go ahead and take this short and beautiful image test to find out what your true personality is and see if the results were accurate for you too!!

If you happen to love quizzes and image tests as much as I do, then check out this one and this one. They are some of my favourites and also fan favourites as well!

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    1. How accurate was that for you Suzanne? :) Thanx for playing and commenting.

  1. Practical and grounded. That’s me alright!

    1. Really? I would have taken you for a bit of a ballsy kinda gal Gina! ;) Grounded yes. I can see that.

  2. Passionate and Full of Zest. Accurate. Surprised me how much so. The part about arrogance and laziness are flaws that try to show up from time to time but when there’s something I want to accomplish and believe in I stop at nothing to succeed.

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