This Abstract Image Test Will Reveal Your True Personality

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Fun quiz time again. Apparently this abstract image test will reveal your true personality and after answering all the questions as honestly as I can, turns out I am passionate and full of zest. Go figure.

Now I get that we don’t need to take image tests on the internet to determine our true personality. We know who we are. Don’t we? I really only take them and share them with you for entertainment purposes. That, and I’m a bit of a curious creature. These things intrigue me, and they’re fun.

Image tests are just fun, amirite?

I’m easily amused as you know, and these image tests always catch my eye. I could spend a whole day just doing quizzes. Who am I, what will I be when I grow up, who is my perfect match? Well you know I need an image test to answer all those questions for me! Haha. Anyway you have a go and let me know in the comments below.

If you happen to love quizzes and image tests as much as I do, then check out this one and this one. They are some of my favourites and also fan favourites as well!


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