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This Numerology Test Can Determine Your Greatest Strength.

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Fun quiz time! Yippee. I’m like a kid in a candy store on Playbuzz. I swear if I never had to work a day in my life, I’d be over there playing with quizzes. That and maybe watching mindless YouTube videos (don’t judge). Numerology has always intrigued me. I still don’t quite totally understand how it works, but each time I learn a wee bit more. I found this numerology test that I think you might enjoy.

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Numerology test

Now this quiz is a pretty mindless, thoughtless sort of pick a number kinda quiz but the results were accurate as heck! Interestingly enough, having to pick random numbers actually made me look at numbers in a different way. I mean we don’t normally give any number much thought, right? But when you’re given 4 to choose from, you start looking to see which one you are drawn to. Mindless yes, but with a hint of “oh this is a pretty number!”

Do you already know what your greatest strength is? I believe I actually have a few but this quiz narrowed it down to one that happened to be on my top 5 strengths list. Boom! Go figure. Turns out perseverance is my greatest strength and without a doubt, I’d almost have to agree. I can be a little pit-bull sometimes when I really really want something that I’m super passionate about. I will stop at nothing, so ya, perseverance kinda nails it.

What’s your greatest strength?

Take the quiz to find out what your greatest strength is. If you feel like it, don’t forget to drop your results below. I’d love to know. If you liked this quiz, you might like this one too!

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