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6 Inspirational Movies That Are Sure to Change Your Life

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What is the first thing you do after your exams get over? Watch some inspirational movies maybe? What about after a hectic day at the office? Movie time! This evergreen activity rejuvenates your soul and refreshes your mind.  It doesn’t matter if you are a small child or an old man descending into retirement, the film industry caters to people of all ages.

So, who doesn’t love emotional tales about beating the odds and making a name? Or, perhaps you are looking for some encouragement or the pursuit of happiness? Or maybe you just want to take time out of your busy schedule.

6 Inspirational Movies

1.     The Pursuit of Happiness (2006)

This light-hearted tale about a young man’s journey to fame, despite gut wrenching hardships and exceptional struggles, is definite to move you emotionally. And as far as inspirational movies goes, this one deserves to be at the top of the list.

The story follows Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith) who yearns to become a stock broker despite adverse circumstances and little education. This man of wisdom showcases how immense courage and dedication can lead you to glory hence proving that when you change your attitude, life changes for you.

Young Jaden Smith plays Will Smith’s son, who stays with his father through tough times. The father son duo takes on the screen with grace. The scene when Chris claps for himself at the end has been winning hearts ever since the movie came out. The Pursuit of Happiness is based on a true story that showcases the harsh realities of life.

If you haven’t, leave everything and watch it now!

2.     It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

This Christmas classic came out more than 70 years ago. The story is set during Christmas time when a man wishes to have never existed due to the trouble he has put himself in. However, when he is given a given a chance to see how an ordinary man like him, has touched so many lives he takes responsibility for his actions and begins a new journey.

This fantasy drama shall make you realize the importance of your goodwill and how it can affect others. If you are looking to lift yourself up, then this is one of the best inspirational movies ever and should be your first choice.

3.    Schindler’s List (1993)

This is a story of a noble man – Oscar Schindler, who sacrificed most of his wealth, time and loyalty to save about 1500 human lives.

But here the context has the power to sink your heart.Schindler was a Christian, who risked his life to save Jews from the atrocious Nazis when he himself had nothing to lose.

A tale of justice, heroism, and humanity. Schindler’s List has been loved by one and all. This inspirational movie is high on the attitude adjustment scale!

I am almost certain it is hard, but try not to cry like a child, when you spot the little girl in red on the colorless background of horror and ignominy.

4.     Life of Pi (2012)

This tale of admirable valor despite horrid circumstances is truly one of a kind. It makes you realize that it is nothing but faith, love, devotion, and courage that shall help you sail through the sea of life.

In this movie, a young boy named Pi Patel is stranded in the Pacific Ocean. There have been many tales of survival but none in the company of an adult Bengal Tiger. This movie is not just sheer fantasy or fiction, it is about the capabilities of the human mind and how its limitations lie in the mere essence of a belief. With breath taking cinematography and exceptional dialogue delivery, this movie shall sail you towards strengthening your belief system.

5.     Life Is Beautiful (1998)

Life is beautiful is set during world war two. It is a humble tale of a loving father who amidst terrible times, tries to keep his young son safe from the terror of the Nazis.

It is touching to see how the father ingeniously builds stories to keep his naïve son, safe from the horror of the outside world. He tells his son Joshua, that the war time is all a game, and that everyone is pretending to be a part of it. When he is supposed to be playing with toy cars, and pretend guns, Joshua’s father makes him believe that killer tanks and revolvers are just a part of this huge setting.

This movie shows how our families go to any means to protect us from the harsh realities of life. This simple tale of love and affection is definite to strengthen the bond between you and your parents.

6.     The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

By far the greatest movies of all times, Shawshank Redemption is about breaking boundaries of injustice and despair, only to emerge stronger and wiser.

It is a story of a man Andy Dufresne who is wrongfully convicted of his wife’s murder. Despite being sentenced to life, he beats the odds and makes the best of his situation. This is truly a must watch!

So, when was the last time you shed a tear while watching a movie? If it wasn’t recently, I am sure this movie list should be of great help. Watching these movies would not only help you gain some motivation to achieve great heights in life but would entertain you to the core as well. So, the next time someone asks you to name some inspirational movies, you know where to check!

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    1. I’ll have to check that one out Elise! Thanx :)

    2. I liked that movie a lot. I saw it just before my first visit to India.

  1. Interesting list but kinda depressing! Plus not a single one of these is about a woman.
    Here are a few to round it out… or perhaps you can make a new list of chick flicks? :)
    Little Miss Sunshine — an awesome little girl enters a dance competition
    Erin Brockovich — Julia Roberts fighting the good fight, need I say more?
    Amelie — a magical film about helping others find love
    The First Wives Club — an oldie but a goodie, not letting a divorce get the best of you
    Out of Africa — even older (1985) but so freaking inspiring, Meryl Streep
    Wild — midlife crisis with Reese Witherspoon (I haven’t seen it yet but hear good things!)

    1. Good addition to the list Cristel!! :) Thanx for stopping by and your comment! xoxo

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