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6 Things Women Worry About That Men Generally Don’t Have To

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So before everyone gets their panties in a bunch or any men or women reading this thinks this is baloney, sit tight. My blogs are my views. They are generally general. If you have your own opinions or views about this or any other blog, that’s great and maybe you can be a guest contributor here to get your voice heard! As it stands, this is my blog, my voice, and my thoughts. Be cool!

Alright now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the heart of the matter here….

I was chatting with a male friend the other day and I was discussing some of my triggers from previous relationships and his comment to me is what prompted this blog. “You know, women have many struggles and fears that men never have. It’s tough being a woman”.

I stopped to think about his comment for a minute and thought *you’re right*. We do have lots of things to worry about all the time. Now don’t get me wrong, I really love being a woman, it’s super fun, but man we got a ton of things to worry about that men just don’t.

Now I personally think, and maybe statistically, most of this blog might be pretty accurate but don’t forget what I said in the beginning, it’s generally general (that’s my way of covering my butt) so if one of the points don’t apply to you, then Yay you!!

Here is my list of the things women worry about.

1. Underground parking lots.

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I dunno, do men fear this too? I mean, I only speak for myself (actually in all these points) but I’m usually pulling a Linda Blair (head turning 360 degrees minus the barf) checking every nook and cranny, and walking as fast as my feet will carry me. It’s downright terrifying to walk through these things alone! (maybe I watched too many horror movies as a kid?)

2. Date rape.

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Without even checking stats (feel free to do that if you want) I’m pretty sure more women are victims of date rape than men. Yes? In the day of online dating, you really truly don’t know the person behind the monitor and it can be quite scary to go on that first date, even if you’ve taken all necessary precautions, it can still happen. Do men have to worry about this?

3. Walking alone at night.

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I mean, depending on the area of town you live in, it’s probably not a really smart thing to do anyway but waits, do men have to worry about this too? I carry pepper spray all the time for that *just in case* moment. I walk briskly and do that whole Linda Blair thing again.

4. Does this make me look fat?


Before you think about throwing rotten tomatoes at me for even saying that, you have to admit, women worry about that more than men if men even worry about it all. We are still in that *I would like to look good* mode, though I’m pretty sure many of us have outgrown it, the fact of the matter remains true: women worry about that more than men.

5. Planning fun things around our period.


Ya I said it. Men don’t get this. I don’t have to worry about this any more thanks to my *wreckmyhistory* surgery a few years back but it’s a serious concern for many women, especially those who can barely leave the house on Day 1 of their period. Planning a beach trip? Good God. Get the calendar, and count the pill days. #thestruggleisreal

6. Watch my drink, please.


I wonder if men say this to their friends just so no one will steal their drink. Women say this to make sure no one spikes it. Putting our drink down on the bar and turning our back for two seconds is risky business. We generally won’t or don’t do that. Drink stays in our hand the whole time (and damn let me tell ya, that gets cold and uncomfortable after a while).

This is my random and small list. Would you like to add to it? :)

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Ok, stop with the tomatoes already.

Peace and Love


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