The #1 Reason Why Most S*** Just Doesn’t Matter

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You know this whole grown up adult life thing can be trying sometimes, right? Work, life, kids, spouse, neighbours, omg the list goes on and on. It’s one thing after another most days. It’s a good day if you made it through to the end without swearing at someone, flipping the bird to the jerk who just cut you off or hollering at your kids.

Here’s one of the biggest and best life lessons you will ever learn

I don’t let most stuff get to me. Ever. Really.

For the most part, most s*** just doesn’t matter to me. The life I had back in Northern Ontario Canada was one full of anxiety and stress and crap. Lots and lots of crap. And then…

Enough of this!!.

And then I just about had had enough. Life was brutal. So much stuff to stress about and worry about I just couldn’t stand it anymore. I was hating my life and questioned my existence almost every damn day. Why, who, where, when, and what. But mostly why, just why (and a whole lot of what the heck moments)?

Everything was drama. Chaos. Anxiety. Stress. Good grief. I found myself wondering, really, what on earth am I here for anyway? It was time to tap out. Tune in, turn on, I dunno. Something had to give. And give it did. I started learning some valuable life lessons.

I sold, donated and gave away 95% of my life,  packed what was left, bought a one way ticket and off to a third world country I went. No clue what I was doing, no answers, many questions but mostly, I just didn’t give a poop anymore.

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Life lessons everyone needs to learn

So let me tell ya. When you move to a third world country, all the stupid stuff you used to stress about in the life you knew before means absolutely nothing. Nudda, zippo, zilch. It puts life in a whole new perspective.

All those questions I had before, why, when, who, where and what, meant nothing and there were no answers to any of them. They didn’t even require answers.

Just live, love, laugh and let go. That’s the real answer to most of our problems right there. That’s it that’s all.

I know, easier said then done. Hear me out.

We are here for joy

We suffer and worry needlessly for things that generally don’t matter after one day, one week, one month and especially not after one year. We are not here to suffer and be miserable. We are here for joy. Ridiculous joy. That’s why we are here.

We are also here to love, be love, spread love, receive love, feel love, and everything else that involves love. Love solves problems. Not hate or anger or misery. Love. Love is the only thing that fixes broken things.

This is one of the greatest life lessons you will ever learn. We are  here for love and joy.

Well maybe not your car or your toaster or even your washing machine but if you send some love energy to it, it may get fixed faster.

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Why it doesn’t matter.

Because most of it means little to nothing. Because it’s all right, alright? Your TV is broken. Big deal. You lost your job, get another one or better yet, create your own. You have no money and can’t pay your rent. Find a way. The universe is generous. Figure it out.

Your child failed a subject. So what?  You know, we spend so much time fretting over stuff that just doesn’t matter. In the grand scheme of things and life, these little “glitches”, if you will, just don’t matter that much.

Embrace them, learn the life lessons from them, and grow.

Oh and all those people who are whining and complaining about the horrible relationship they are in? Don’t even get me started on that. Been there done that and left. Remember, you are in control of your life and your happiness. With that said….

One reason why most shit doesn't matter

Just stop!!!

Stop wasting so much of your energy on things that won’t make a difference in the future, near or far. And for God’s sake, stop wasting your energy on things you can’t control OR things you can control but you don’t do jack about.

If you aren’t doing anything to improve your life or your circumstances, then you don’t get to complain, stress or whine about it. Period. I know that sounds cold and heartless but I can say that because I was that person once upon a time.

All I did was whine, moan and complain. It was pathetic. I was pathetic.

Laugh, live and love. And then watch how your life changes and all those little annoying things you are stressing over, just won’t matter so much anymore.

Who’s up for some stargazing tonight?

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Peace and Love



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  • Something about the way you write, it makes me happy. Makes things feel right again. Love your blog. Tweeted it, and shared on my personal FB wall.

    • Awe thanx so much Swati. That makes my heart happy :):):):). I am thankful for our new friendship. xo

  • I couldn’t say it better than Swati; so I’ll just add “thank you” Iva – for ‘getting it’, doing it, and saying it. xo

    • Ha thanx Julee for your comment. Swati is great isn’t she?..:) Thanx for reading and glad you enjoyed the blog.


  • Love this article! I look forward to sharing it and reading more of your stuff. I’m on a similar mission with my site and you are definitely an inspiration. Thank you!

    • Hey Justin thanx! Great site you have. I’m always looking for guest bloggers if you are interested in a wee bit more exposure :)

      Iva xo

  • Great writing I am going to save this and read again just in case I start caring about all those bullshit again..

    • Good idea Nwafor! Thanx for reading the blog and glad you enjoyed it :)

      Iva xo

  • Omg! You are so right! How much time and effort we spend on stupid shit. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Hey Veronica thanx for reading the blog and your comment! Yup, so much time wasted that could be spent laughing and enjoying life :)


  • Wow Iva
    I was meant to read this and it’s not coincidence . Wow fuck this shit you are so right.
    I’m a 52 year old woman, lost a child and a very long marriage in the last 2 years.
    I’m doing what you are doing
    Spend the last 10 weeks in a 3 th world country
    The best thing I’ve could have ever done.
    We as westerners bitch whinge and moan over silly little things .
    I have met so many women who have lost children in the time, I have been away . From diseases and circumstances that would be an easy fix in the western world .
    We as Westerners are you love without materialistic lifestyles .
    And materialistic thoughts of why me .
    I am blessed .
    Good luck on your journey’s .

    • I am SO sorry to hear of the loss of your child Leanne :( .

      Where did you travel too? Your journey sounds amazing as well. Much love to you.


  • I have only one word for you.. escapist.. this is running away and it does no good to any one. Terrible attitude. The life is not given to us to run away from problems but to have the head on and win.

    • Escapist? Interesting word and thanx for your comment and opinion Shilpa :)

  • I love you , your awesome, you have discovered my way of living and thinking (no I’m not claiming ownership lol) it’s just a shame we have to suffer the overpowering shame culture, aww well, keep on keepin on ?

    • Awe I love you back!! Thanx so much for your sweet comment. And you’re right, keep on keepin’ on!! xo

  • This is just what I needed to read. At just the right time. Thank you.

    • Thanx for stopping by and I’m glad the blog resonated with you! xo

  • What a great titlle. Im so in agreement with you. Ive been in this mindset for just a few years now and its soo much better for my mind, body and spirit. I accept and love. Whenever frustration arises, I look for the collateral beauty.

    • Yay you!!! It really just makes life simpler and more fun! xo

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