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5 Simple Tips to Help You When You Are Feeling Stuck

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You’re cruising through life with the wind blowing in your hair at high speeds with no clue what the bend up ahead has in store for you. You’ve been sailing on like this now for awhile. You have no clear focus, no clarity, no solutions and no ambition.

You have been lost and feeling stuck for far too long and you’ve just about had it. Fear not. I have some simple tips that just might help you.

Sound like anyone you know? I used to get like this alot. All the time as a matter of a fact. I was stuck (and I truly hate to use that word) in a crappy relationship and I  hated my life but I also felt numb. I was almost frozen in my space because I had no visions. Nothing mattered and I didn’t want to do anything. I was comfortably numb.

Sort of.

5 simple tips for when you are feeling stuck

Feeling stuck sucks!!

Then it hit me like a swift smack upside the head. Picture Cher in that movie (hell if I can remember what it’s called now) “Snap out of it!!” I was so sick of my own ridiculous pity party that I knew something had to give. It donned on me then it was time to change my mindset and my the way I was thinking, feeling and talking to myself. It all sounded and felt horrible.

And I was tired of it all.

It was at that moment, and I wish I could pin it to an exact day or event but I just remember something clicked. It was time to change, everything. My whole life. So I did would anyone would do (er, or maybe just me?). I left my relationship and ventured off into a new world, alone and broke with nothing to my name.

After that whole ordeal, I came out of that unscathed, happier than I’ve ever been in my whole life and a completely new woman. I picked up some life lessons along the way. Like about a million or so.

Lemme share some of them with you, especially the ones about how to get unstuck and gain some focus and clarity so you don’t feel lost anymore.

5 tips to get you unstuck in life

Nothing changes if nothing changes

Capiche? I get that your feeling stuck and lost but you can’t stay there forever. You eventually have to snap out of it and make a move. Any move. Just do something that is different from what you’ve been doing for the last 1, 2 or 10 years. You have got to take at least one tiny little step towards something, anything.

Change something soon or you will stay stuck there in your misery for longer than you need to or should.

What drives you?

Think about something or a few things that light a fire under your butt. What makes you sing and do happy dances. There’s got to be one or two things that whenever you do them or think about them, a little spark flickers in your belly and you get all warm and fuzzy. Go chase that!!! This is where your purpose and passion lies.

Maybe you like writing or painting or swimming. Maybe you’re a pet lover or you love seniors. Go spend more time doing the things you love to do.

Your emotional health is at stake

….but you already knew that right? The longer you stay in this mode, the more your emotional health will suffer and when that goes, well your physical health will start to follow shortly thereafter. Don’t do that to yourself. You are here to live a life of ridiculous joy. Not to be a physical and emotional wreck.

It’s up to you to keep that from happening. Don’t you want to be happy and healthy and full of life and all that good stuff? Of course you do! Pick yourself up now and start doing something to get you out of that rut.

Even a simple walk to the park is better than nothing.

Dude, you’re missing out.

Life is waiting for you. People and places and things are waiting for you. Could it be that you have a special gift or talent that someone needs? Or maybe it’s just time for you to grow and you’re afraid. Many times we are feeling stuck or lost simply because we’re afraid of what lies ahead. But you’re missing out if you stay in stuck mode.

Face your fears and kick them to the curb.

Your life is on the other side of fear. Go get it.

“Moonstruck” that’s what the movie was….yes?

Still need more help or tips in order to be happy and find true inner peace? Check out my new self help guide to see how I can help!

Peace and Love


5 simple tips for when you're feeling stuck



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