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How Far Would You Go For Love?

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I saw the title of this love quiz and if you know me, you know I love to share only the good ones with you but I also take them first to make sure I like them. This quiz was ok. Not my favourite but I did find the results kinda accurate.

So how far would you go for love? Many of us have packed up our life and moved countries for love. I probably would too! But I gotta really really like you a lot for that to happen.

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This love quiz was interesting

There weren’t very many questions which is what I really liked it about. I think one quiz I took awhile ago had almost 20 questions. Ugh. I get bored after 10. This one had under 10 if I recall correctly. A couple of the questions had me scratching my head and wondered where on earth they came up with it but all in all, this was a good love quiz.

My results to this quiz

I gotta admit, they kinda surprised me. They were fairly accurate considering a few of the questions were so random.

Far but…

Of course we have to follow our heart and feelings but keeping perspective is also equally important. You would move and change your life for the person you love but also know when to stop and when you have to stop fighting for something that is not going anywhere anyways. This combination is the perfect balance. As we always say: Go for it but don’t drown in it.

Your turn.

Go ahead and take this love quiz to see how far you would go for love or what you would do for love. If you liked this quiz, why not head on over to my quiz page and take a few more while you’re there.

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